FAM Review: "About Me" by Fara

With a seasoned vocal presence and beats that’ll slap your woofers, the Vancity vocalist known as Fara has released a banger of a project. Her EP entitled “About Me” is a well-produced body of work that details her elaborate journey towards love and happiness.

The “About Me” EP features an array of instrumentation and delivers relatable experiences all the way through. Sonically, the composition has a cohesive blend from start to finish, and allows for a smooth transition between each song. The opening track “Runaway” was the perfect introduction, as it sets the mood with a self-reflective tone and touches upon the negative aspects of intimacy.

As the project begins to open up, you are immediately exposed to the well rounded texture of Fara’s artistry. When you combine the next two tracks entitled “Now You Know” and “What U Looking For”, you will find a mans worst nightmare. “Now You Know” exposes the thoughts of a woman who is completely fed up with her mans bullshit, and alternatively, “What U Looking For” is the result that comes from it. When you crush a woman’s spirit and she begins to open up her options again, you’ll quickly find out that she’s asking someone else “What You Looking For?”

As we cross over the hump of the EP and reach the next stop, “Make Me Feel” portrays a healed woman who has fallen in love once again. In our opinion, this track is the dopest of them all. Fara expresses a tremendous admiration for the man she is connecting with, but is battling her demons as well. She sings of desire and attraction but also questions whether or not the feelings are worth pursuing. Even though she feels perfection within this new found love, she is confused to whether or not that perfection actually exists.

With HGB (Hello, Goodbye ft. DKAY) being the bass-heavy, hiphop featured single, Fara did a great job at capturing all the attributes of a hit song. And with “Hello Goodbye” being a club in Downtown Vancouver, I think a collaboration should definitely be talked about (hinthint). Even so, it was a great segway into the finale track “Get It Together” that triumphantly wraps the entire EP with a golden ribbon, and calls for everyone to listen to the stanzas of each track to better our own intimate love lives.

The “About Me” EP is brilliant. Everything from the lyrics, beat selection, engineering, and relativity of the music was spot on. It is a piece of artistry that stands firm as a collective project, but has a grand meaning in it throughout the individual tracks as well. As a vocalist, Fara’s voice is big enough to leave you in amazement, but gentle enough to capture your soul. All in all, the “About Me” project is a wonderful journey through life, and we would recommend it to a wide range of listening ears.