An Ode to Kaws

Specializing in Urban Art and Luxury Streetwear, the creatives behind Vancity's In|House Made Studio are some of the most talented artists in British Columbia. Matt, Marcus, and Graham came together after learning Design at Vancouver's well-renowned Blanche MacDonald Centre, and built an entrepreneurial pillar within their artistry.

Most recently the In|House boys paid homage to the Jersey City representative and Art Icon KAWS, by reworking some of his legendary motifs into vintage denim jackets.

Starting their careers with one sewing machine, one table, and three talented minds, the In|House boys began creating an extensive catalog of 1-of-1 designs via their brainchild Sans Parole. Being known for their ability to design custom gear in innovative ways, allows them to create with depth instead of abundance. Be it introducing unorthodox designs to the world or flipping manufactured pieces into masterful works of art, Their out-of-the-box perspective aligns perfectly with KAWS' aesthetic.

Accompanied by models Cameo Wilson and Brianna Mutz, the overall vibe of the shoot was incredible. There is a certain love for the art that can be felt when we experience the genuine nature of the artist. This was a fashion remix- new hands embracing an already established concept and transforming it into an alternative display of reality. The Modern Renaissance is amongst us, supercharging our perspectives and capturing us in this short, sweet, and rather necessary moment in time.

The essence of reworked pieces is honored by upholding the integrity of the original. The balance of understanding two visions at once is crucial. In|House Made did an amazing job at delivering a dope concept that both paid respect to the artist as well as their own expertise. The idea of a Vancouver powerhouse commemorating a Jersey City Legend hits close to home for us. So it was a great experience seeing these works flourish within the camera lens.