In the Life of Jamila Woods

Representing the Southside of Chicago, singer-songwriter Jamila Woods is one of the most brilliant recording artists of our time. With roots in both the underground and mainstream cultures of Chi-Town, Jamila connects with the soul through beautiful vocal tones and enchanting vibes. While her debut project was released just a few years back, her true creative prowess stems from a loving relationship with poetry and black culture.

Getting her start as a published poet during her teen years, Jamila Woods would later take her incredible writing ability and combine it with her knack for arranging music. After graduating high school, Brown University became the epicenter of her growth and opened her eyes to the possibility of taking her talents to the highest peaks. She released her first solo project entitled "Heavn" in 2016; to which the album wastes no time shedding light on the elegance of black, but also touches on the impurities of modern society. With layers of interpretative dance and unapologetic close-ups of her chocolate tint, Jamila's video productions remain cohesive to her powerful message.

Jamila Woods recites words of strength through golden lips. She is aware of the tendencies of hateful people, but swiftly replaces any outward retaliation with inner appreciation. Her music soothes and empowers her audience to strive towards excellence. Jamila Woods is the representation and implementation of kinetic soul- unshaken by life, but rather, awakened by the life she has lived.

Check out Jamila Wood's entire project "Heavn" below