In the Life of Cruch Calhoun

Most people will never understand the time and effort it takes to propel your craft to the highest potential. Especially when you come from the bottom, there is always this notion that your most recent victories are your only victories. However, it’s never really about the wins or the losses you gain, but the journey it takes to acquire them both.

Cruch Calhoun’s journey as a hard-bodied emcee started in 2008 with his first mixtape entitled “Now or Never”. Even back then, it was quite clear that Calhoun was a rap monster that spoke directly to the streets. This was the era where Jersey hiphop consisted of pianos, vocal sampling, and heavy bars- to which Calhoun implemented all three nicely into his art form. The level of energy and passion that he displayed was a sure sign that Calhoun was destined to be a primary name for years to come, and truth be told, all he did was elevate in his future projects.

Calhoun went OFF in 2010, releasing four mixtapes throughout the entire year. The biggest of which was “The Passion of Cruch” where his vocal delivery became a staple within his music. Riding next to the OG’s Acid Giuliani, Bones, and the big homie Albee Al, Calhoun was beyond solidified amongst his NJ brethren. This was the true portrayal of an independent artist using every tool available to spew flames in the hood, and show the rest of these emcees that he wasn’t the one to fuck with.

By this point, the underground of the East Coast would patiently wait for Cruch Calhoun to drop new material. What makes Calhoun so monumental was that everybody and their mama was creating home studios with the latest version of the Pro Tools/MBox combination. Still, Calhoun was banging heads and rocking mics beyond belief, and went on to release one of his greatest projects entitled “Everybody Hates Cruch”.

After the loss of his right hand Acid Giuliani, Calhoun kept true to the promise he made to him about making it to highest peaks of hiphop. In 2011 his first ever Sponsored mixtape was release on DatPiff entitled “These Are S.T.R.I.P.E.S” (Songs That Represent Irregular Peoples Everyday Struggles). Within the project was an even more developed Cruch Calhoun as he exercised a more versatile flow but remained the same barbarian the hood needed. The song “March 8th” was a tribute to Acid but also his main man Big Ant who had also fallen victim to uncontrollable circumstance. Calhoun used this energy to build a greater relationship with his craft, and continued to be one of the best stemming from a concrete habitat.

The next milestone in Cruch Calhoun’s journey began in 2013 where his visual presence became a part of his repertoire. He released a project entitled “Roselle” featuring the likes of Smoke DZA and the Jersey City big dog Ransom, and put out his first professionally shot video for the single “Know Dat”. Up to this point, Calhoun still embodied that authentic NJ mantra and was now being mentioned with the names of New Jersey’s elite.

His next sponsored project was released in 2014 entitled “Free Speech” and incorporated an array of some of the illest producers out at that time. However, following that was an EP called “25 Days” where Cruch Calhoun was undoubtedly at the tiptop of his game. Not only on a conceptual level was “25 Days” a magnificent piece of hiphop where he released a two-part experience called “Forty Five”, but you can hear the comfort in his voice and actually see the comfort of Cruch Calhoun in front of the camera lens. Regardless, the true respect of Calhoun should be noted that he remained the same since day one, and believed that the artistry he puts out is the right lane for himself. He didn’t begin to put out trashy pop singles, or try his hand with some corny ass “I love you” bullshit, he was steadfast in putting out that real rap- hate it or love it, you got to respect his gangsta.

By 2016 Calhoun became a necessity in the realms of hiphop. Everything he had strived for since 2008 had started coming to fruition. The uniqueness of his voice, the strength in every word, and the direction he was going, had birthed a reality that every emcee wishes to obtain. Before Dave Ea$t became the worldwide sensation he is today, real recognized real, and was featured on Calhoun’s “Blue Light District” project. After Albee came home from his bid, and even featuring a reworked verse from his passed away homie Acid Giuliani, Calhoun pulled no punches in celebrating greatness with the crew. To the average listener the “Blue Light District” album was just another dope release. But the intuitive minds know that an immense amount emotion and backstory was implemented into the workings of the project.

For the following three years Cruch Calhoun released a variety of singles in the form of visual media. His last three projects entitled “Cincerely Cruch”, “Forever Active”, and his most recent release with Hot 97’s DJ Drewski entitled “CDay” were all impactful pieces of quality hiphop. This is the present day Cruch Calhoun that can be explored by simply diving into the belly of his new works. The point here is that the journey for a true emcee doesn’t begin at the most recent level of their career, but starts at the foundation of that emcee’s being. Through strict dedication, life and death, and a clear understanding of what lane you are meant to survive in, comes the challenge of surpassing a million others doing the same thing that you do. And what the life of Cruch Calhoun represents is a man who fought through life’s struggles, perfected his craft, and is now a synonymous name for greatness within the State of New Jersey. #RespectTheHustle