In the Life of Millyz

Born in the heart of Massachusetts, the emcee known as Millyz has been putting Cambridge on since the day he touched a mic. Getting his first official start in 2009, his name has become affiliated with some of the core pioneers of hiphop through an abrasive style and vivid lyricism.

In 2009, Millyz was featured on the Boston OG Daniel Laurent’s mixtape entitled “School Of Hard Knocks”, which got major airplay around Boston’s premier radio stations. Using his current momentum, Millyz put out his first renowned project entitled “White Boy Like Me” that boasted 18 tracks of pure hiphop. Featuring the likes of Sean Kingston and Killer Mike, Millyz was well underway to paving a concrete road to success.

As 2010 rolled around, Millyz continued networking with different influencers in the Hiphop world. Having gained proper recognition from his WBLM project, he then collab’d with the big homie Lino Cordova on the “Streets Draft Pick” mixtape and was featured on the “Get it All Remix” track.  His buzz on a local level was coming to fruition, and given his style, poise, and marketable qualities the future was looking bright for the young lyricist.

“I need to make the work move. Never Give Em Curfews. Walking in the crib shorty sniffin’ me for perfume. Tell her honey hold on. Then I get my roll on. In love with a stripper never seen her with her clothes on.”

With a limited Hiphop scene in Cambridge and Boston, Millyz began to make boss moves by travelling up to the Mecca of rap music. In 2011 he began venturing over to NYC and documenting his experiences under the “White Boy Like Me” vlog. After releasing his “White Boy Like Me Vol. 2” project , which featured the likes of Jae Millz and Masspike Miles, Millyz independent wheels gained traction in the NYC scene and led to one of his biggest collaborations to date.

Millyz dropped two more mixtapes, “Fan Appreciation Day”, which featured an array of rhymes over industry beats, and an original project entitled “Contagious Lifestyle” (Executive Produced by The Colombians) in 2012- Millyz was finally seeing the results he knew he would always obtain. In 2013, Millyz began releasing visual after visual based around his project “Future Memories” which hosted hiphop elites such as Freeway and Mr. Raspy himself, Jadakiss. It was certified… this white boy got BARS.

In 2015, Millyz was quoted to have been “Going through the darkest period of my life”. Depression and anxiety has been a double-edged sword for artists as their best music is always cultivated through pain. He released a phenomenal project entitled “SPED” featuring Statik Selektah and Dave East, and categorized it as “the follow up to Contagious Lifestyle”.  While there isn’t an official video from the album, it wasn’t long until he was back to the grind and releasing more visual content for the inquiring fan. 

By 2016, Millyz was unstoppable. His next venture included teaming up with the creative agency known as “The Compound”- a platform that would facilitate and bring his music to visual perfection. For Millyz, this was the year of banging singles and bar practice as most of his releases were not tied to any project. At the top of 2017 the “SPED the Sequel” album was released and hosted the super OG Styles P. He also made a legendary appearance on Shade 45 for an exclusive freestyle with Statik Selektah, and by all means, it was one for the books.

After a ten year journey through the depths of Hiphop, there’s a certain level of appreciation you have to give to the mastermind. Climbing through the ranks of rap isn’t an ease feat, and to all of those who make it to the greatest heights of the culture deserve respect for the hustle. In 2018, Millyz released his most recent body of work entitled “Blanco”, and without a doubt, the realness and undivided ambition of this Cambridge powerhouse has yet to fail. Millyz is continuously growing from the hardcore soil he planted his seeds in from day one. And we won’t be surprised if what is yet to come is cut from the same fabric we admire him for... but even doper.