Artistix NYFW

Being a Media Partner for New York Fashion Week the past four seasons and counting, I am always thoroughly impressed by the designs Artistix brings to the stage. Designed by Greg Polisseni and marketed by Andy Hilfiger, the streetwear brand distributes a quality product for the average consumer.

Born and bred in NYC, the newest Artistix collection entitled “Harmony” is a vibrant chapter added to the Artistix catalog. Artist and Designer Greg Polisseni decorated the fabrics with an array of colors and a boastful vision. We were presented with a variety of bubble jackets and long coats that stayed true to the street essence, but excited the onlookers with proportionate fits worn by eclectic models.

The true power behind Artistix is their ability to blend a multitude of color palettes into each collection. From tertiary fatigue patterns to symmetrical lines with a primary fill, Artistix leaves no stone unturned when deciding how to separate themselves from the masses.

When it comes time to think outside of the box and present the world with essential gear, Artistix Fashion has always been the trailblazers of the industry. The clothing allows the wearer to manipulate the pieces into their own personal style, and quite frankly, the possibilities are endless when you rock with such a versatile and unique streetwear brand.

Artistix Fashion