Austin Ottone

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In collaboration with Vancity Street Week, we bring you a designer that has skyrocketed to the outer limits of the Vancouver fashion-sphere. Showing his collection on the VSW runway, Austin Ottone creates premium denim jackets with an authentic raw-style grunge.

As a 4th year student at the Wilson School of Design in Richmond, BC, Austin channels his creative energy through an abrasive medium. His apparel consists of unorthodox details scattered across the canvas of high-quality jean jackets, and immediately catches the eye of the casual onlooker. With fine tuned scratch and patch work Austin Ottone steers clear of the minimalist cliche that plagues the denim world, and adds a variety of perspectives within each handmade piece.

Sported by the big homie Posh (who recently made his debut on the Vancouver Fashion Week runway), Austin Ottone's gear was an absolute match made in heaven. Between the two of them, there was an organic cohesiveness that shined bright through the camera lens. With Austin's brand being an onward display of intelligent design, it was no surprise to see such a grand portrayal of technique and trend. Without a doubt, Vancity Street has welcomed in a designer who has an elite grasp on style, craftsmanship, and casual wearability.

At the end of the day, it is a designers duty to know exactly who their brand speaks volumes to. Austin Ottone is not only grounded within his particular niche, but he also demonstrates a powerful blend of contemporary knowledge and scholarly intuition. To be a valid player in the Vancouver fashion scene is no easy task. So to watch a number of core individuals rock with his line is a wonderful experience on its own.


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Austin Ottone



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