B=MC2 by David Bars

If you're anything like us and still bumping "Bars Over Bullshit" every third Sunday of the month, then you already know what time it is. Anyone who has heard a David Bars verse before will agree that homie is unfuckwitable. So it's no surprise that Bars unleashed yet another immaculate piece of artistry on the B=MC2 project as well.

Produced by NYC extraordinaire Mono En Stereo, the album opens up with filthy piano keys and a running drum that sets the stage for a journey through Barville. While the album captured that organic NY style, the overall progression of the project touched a wide range of instrumentation and tempos. The jazz influences definitely brought a refined taste to the entire composition of the record.

“Selling drugs had to risk my freedom, for the finer things and we ain't even need em. When the Family hungry Y'Know I gotta feed em.” -David Bars

One of the dopest things about David Bars is how much attention he devotes to syllables and bar structure. B=MC2 is a testament to his uncapped potential and further solidifies his ability to just dominate anything and everything.

The project also blessed us with the art of sampling; handcrafted by the beat god Mono En Stereo. B=MC2 is laced with samples that make you want to pop the cork and dust your records off until 3am. The production blended smoothly from track to track, and consistently gave David Bars the challenge he needs for his particular style of rhyme writing. When drums start knocking, pianos start looping, and Bars starts spitting, it's a deadly combination out there.

This was a very dope project, especially for those looking to stay far away from half sleep rappers and robotic beats. Peep the Full Project Here

David Bars