Black Rave Culture

Music is the vibration of the soul that radiates from eclectic minds. To say we are nothing more than energy fields in dirt bodies is actually closer to the truth than anything else. To consume the greatness of the "Black Rave Culture" project is to accept brilliance beyond belief, but even more so, grant yourself the opportunity to appreciate a true modern masterpiece.

"Africa 808"

Created and Produced by James Bangura, Amal, and DJ NativeSun, this 10-track project has some of the most incredible instrumentation embedded in its production. Released under the Haus of Altr umbrella, it was a phenomenal experience riding the wave from one track to the next. Not only are the sounds pitched perfectly for the contemporary ear, but the overall groove is dedicated to those who have a well-traveled ear for music.

"Columbia RD [Uptown]"

It goes without being said, that all music cultures stem from black culture. However, it is a lesser known fact that "rave" culture and what has evolved into "Electronic Dance Music" actually stems from an even older tradition of Break Beats with deep Jamaican roots. While we don't think the message behind the "Black Rave Culture" project is meant to be that deep, the percussion behind the music definitely pays homage to these core principles. So often are we bogged down with the American/European version of dance music, that it is always important to set the record straight from time to time about the history of where all of this was created.

"Travels to London"

The "Black Rave Culture" project has such a profound mixture of sound that we must pay ultimate props for anyone that rocks with this style of music on the daily. It's upsetting to think that a record like this should only be played during workout sessions. What these producers have done with "Black Rave Culture" is equivalent to being multilingual in the real world; meaning most people will not understand the true talent it takes to create such a cohesive album. From the bass patterns, progressive melodies, and timely samples, we must say that "Black Rave Culture" is quite the sonic masterpiece.

"4 Matic"

BIG BIG shoutout to DJ Scatta for putting The FAM on to such a dope record AND designing the cover for "Black Rave Culture". And bless up to James Bangura, Amal, DJ NativeSun, and the House of Altr family for putting together such an amazing piece of artistry. Will definitely be on the lookout all 2021 for more hot shit...

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