Ashaunti Monique

If there’s one thing that resonates throughout Seattle it’s an unconditional love for custom clothing. Our featured designer Ashaunti Monique fits right into that cuff. She creates 1 of 1 garments that capture a vintage aesthetic, and represents the artistic culture bubbling in the underground.

Born and Raised in the CD and Southend, Ashaunti is a tried and true member of the city. Her earliest design memories were created around the age of 10, when her grandfather taught her how to sew by hand. Throughout her teens, it was her mother’s 90’s chic aesthetic that inspired her style and creativity as a designer. After high school Ashaunti decided a degree in Fashion Design was a no brainer.

Ashaunti specializes in the reconstruction of fashion items that she then bleaches, distresses and paints. She creates pieces that fit her clients specific needs by incorporating her unique perspective into her works. From sweatsuits to avant-garde costumes for performers, Ashaunti dabbles in an array of creative apparel production.

“Designing is important to me because it gives me an opportunity to express myself creatively. I love to see the satisfaction on a customers face when they see their vision come to life, that’s what makes me love what I do!”

Now, as she nears the peak of her career, her fashion brand is an emerging vision that allows her to express herself creatively. While designing with love, life has given Ashaunti a perspective on how to manifest her dreams. As you harness your ability to create, your future will unravel right before your eyes.


Ashaunti Monique




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