"Built in a Day" By John Tr3 Pritchett

[album review]

After listening to “Built in a Day” by John “Tr3” Pritchett over and over again, we have to tip our hat to an immaculate lyricist that reps Queens to the fullest.

The project opens up with a mellowed out vibe for the head nod. There seems to be a pattern for true emcees in 2020- where they begin their monologues with surprisingly chilled lyricism, and end up weaving precise scriptures deeper into their albums. The first track “Moods” was just that. Plus, being in tune with Tr3 for a little over a year, we were well aware that the emcee was just getting started.

As the project moves along the next song that sets the stage is entitled “Mind Focused” where Tr3 delivers powerful metaphors with sobering complexity. He speaks on his perception of reality by understanding that if he embraces the power of his words he’ll be able channel his highest vibrations. He is the vessel that Hiphop flows through, and encourages the listener to vibe with him as he shines a light on his inner brilliance.

"Epitome of desperation met with dedication. These n*ggas need applause to feel the form of elevation. Separation aside, I rather wait for my ride, to drop me at my peak, so I can see the view is that amazing." -Tr3

Trying to dissect the next masterpiece on the album called “Subtracting”, took a little effort. Tr3’s ability to connect words to a purpose is a phenomenal attribute that all emcees should take note of. “Subtracting” speaks on the competitive nature of Hiphop and what it takes to become a key player in the game. But even deeper than that, Tr3 also speaks on steering away from The Evils of the world- even when dancing with the devil looks rather promising. There are a lot of personal references that homies in the hood will relate to, but it’s delivered in a such a sophisticated way that even the bystanders can comprehend his lyrical thoughts.

On the song “Preach” Tr3 goes in with the premise that people are steadily looking to capitalize without contributing to his success. Instead of visions of him rocking the stage being an opportunity for growth, it gets corrupted by those who see, within him, an opportunity for themselves. On top of that, they start saying ‘Don’t Preach’ because the truth is nothing more than a mirror for those who fall into the counter-intuitive nonsense of fake support.

All in all, “Built in a Day” is some of the dopest music we have heard in 2020. The production was filled with a jazz aesthetic and steered clear of the generational fluff that exists with the new age. Pianos and horns on low BPM’s and Golden Era drum patterns allowed the blessing of Tr3’s words to hit with precision. However, the best albums have always been those that don’t rely solely on instrumentation. And without a doubt, “Built in a Day” was more poetry-in-motion than anything else...

John Tr3 Pritchett