Coffee and Chemtrails

Let’s just say the album begins on Track 2, as the first/intro track “All Black, No Sugar” was damn near for a different project. With that being said, Quis Chandla’s “Coffee and Chemtrails” album, was a diamond in the rough for Jersey hiphop.

The album truly starts with “Doin’ It For Others”, where the bars and beat selection reign supreme. Quis has an interesting approach to delivering complex rhyme patterns in a digestible way. For an emcee with his style of rap, we can tell he’s very comfortable with his process and solid in his craft.

What was nice about listening through Coffee and Chemtrails was the relatable concepts within the lyrics and the experimentation of different sounds. Quis spoke deeply to the modern creative over break beat drums on a song called “9 to 5 or Die” and then flipped an airy/spacey instrumental right on its head for a track called “Make Up Your Mind”.

As you get deeper into the project, you’ll realize that Quis is rapping from a different perspective on every track. As if the entire LP is a book of short stories instead of one cohesive thought. It wasn’t until a track entitled “Mobb ft. Che Noir” that all that storytelling sh*t was a wrap, and it was time for the bar fest.

With Coffee and Chemtrails being conceptually sound, it was only right the upbeat moments began to hit a lower vibration. Over a beautiful piano sample for “Open Wounds” Quis Chandla spoke about the evils of real life and how both people and entities are out to take advantage of your well being.

Coffee and Chemtrails is a stank face masterpiece and a head bop classic all at the same time. Not once could we deem the LP as “just a couple of hits”. This was a hiphop rendition for a culture of true lyricists, and for us, we could hit shuffle and ride out with no complaints.

Now tell us the last project you’ve heard of a project like that? TAP IN.


Coffee and Chemtrails