Concrete Dreams of Mic Capes

From now until the rest of eternity, the Lyricist is king. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or who your favorites are, that real rap is undeniable to the true connoisseurs. Today we bring you a Portland emcee that is a monster rhyme writer, seasoned vet, and overall dope artist. He goes by the name of Mic Capes.

In 2012, Mic Capes released his first project entitled Rise & Grind which ignited his potential right out the gate. There were bars plus energy layered throughout the project, and each verse eventually touched every breath of Capes life experience. Truth be told, Rise & Grind was a heavy rap album that true fans of hiphop need to have in their playlists.

Now imagine a movie where the main characters are words, and the supporting cast, is an immaculate set of beats. This describes Mic Capes second project Concrete Dreams to a tee. While the first official single of the album entitled "Jansport" was released in 2014, the full project didn't drop until 2016. This gave Capes the opportunity to create visuals for almost HALF the album between 2014 to 2018. Concrete Dreams has definitely engraved a moment in time into Capes career, and it's always a blessing to see a plan come together from start to finish.

"Your neighborhood was like Mr. Rogers. My neighborhood was like cops and robbers. Literally, n*ggas gangbangin' since Little League. Never had hope so resort to violence." - Mic Capes

With such an outstanding performance from the Concrete Dreams album, it was time for a collaboration to form. Alongside the big homie Drae Slapz, Capes went on to release a 5-track EP called SHEESH in 2017 which displayed the luxury lyricist side of the PDX emcee. The EP was a testament that although Capes drops unlimited gems in his music, he can talk that raw shit too whenever necessary.

Towards the end of 2020, Capes dropped the Cold Blooded Vol. 1 mixtape which is a continuation of his brilliance and overall mastery of Hiphop. The single "King Capes" was proof enough that Mic has genuinely elevated throughout the years while still maintaining the rugged poetic style that makes him unique. If his next run is his best run, then you can bet your ass that the homie Mic Capes is going to shake the world with his artistry...