King & Reign

Couture Culture

King & Reign by Kiarash has always reached for the outer limits of the design world. Kiarash designed this particular event as a statement against the wasteful fashion industries that damage the earth through unregulated production methods. The showing was an immaculate display of growth for the talented designer, and left each of us in awe from start to finish.

The amount of creative talent that showed up was beyond belief. Affiliates from numerous creative outlets were in attendance, snapping away in the main lobby, and networking amongst each other. Models and Designers posed in front of backdrops as the wine and cocktails were flowing with abundance. Soon enough, it was showtime.

As the seats began to fill, the show kicked off with Chau Le giving an incredible speech furthering the Couture Culture incentive the event was based around. Models that had previously been traveling the world came through to hit the runway. To see the faces of Sophia Rupprecht and Jocasta Clark walk across the runway was a true surprise. Everyone here was in support of a great cause for a great designer. The rest, is history.

Known for an eclectic, colorful, and complex aesthetic King and Reign’s latest collection was an absolute plot twist. While the eccentricity was still at an all time high, Kiarash decided to use a dark-toned color palette with this seasons release. He incorporated a premium display of headgear alongside some of the pieces, but the immaculate essence of K&R is forever built into an array of dresses and ball gowns.

There’s something to be said about a designer that has been creating for years, and is still able to elevate his abilities. Kiarash is an artful soul with an amazing work ethic, and if you pay attention to the style and uniqueness, you’ll see why he is so good at what he does...