Creativity Under The Surface

Special Guest: Brendan Mieles

One of the greatest feelings for us is connecting with artists from Jersey City. The young vocalist Brendan Mieles came through to our CUTS Interview Series and showed his artistic brilliance and overall intellect with flying colors. Brendan has an amazing creative energy that demonstrates the hybrid balance of our modern day artists. As a budding superstar and current student at NYU, Brendan has proven himself to be an inspiring force within the RnB and Hiphop communities, and is unconsciously laying the groundwork for other aspiring talents to follow.

In this episode, we spoke to Brendan about the mechanics of a perfect song, the unlimited evolution of music, and the importance of learning and understanding other cultures; which ended up being one of the deepest East Coast convos we’ve had in a while! Definitely take a peek at another great discussion hosted by Marvin Ryles.

...and shout out to the homie Parker. Brendan says you’re invited to the cookout my g.