Da Flyy Hooligan - "Londinium Slicc"

Da Flyy Hooligan aka "Lamarrie Esquire" is one of those artists that fans can't wait to hear new music from. Based out of London, this GourmetDeluxx emcee creates a vibe like no other. With perfect beat selection and abrasive lyricism, Da Flyy Hooligan pushes the hiphop culture of the UK to the forefront, and generously keeps the essence alive for the newer generation. Sporting a "PREAM" (Pounds Rule Everything Around Me) hat and retro 5's, Da Flyy Hooligan spits that raw, real shit for the rap junkies. Londinium Slicc is a cut from his upcoming album "FYLPM II"(Fucc Ya Life Praise Mine) which is set to drop in the very near future. But until then, proceed to break your neck to one of his illest releases thus far.