Eviction Notice by Sule

Today is the day we stop referring to heavy lyrical content as “Real Hiphop”, and replace it with its true name- “Sule Hiphop”. Releasing his newest EP entitled “Eviction Notice”, NJ lyricist Sule has once again captured a moment in time with dope beat selections and unfuckwitable rhyme content.

Produced by All Ceven and The Innovataz, Eviction Notice is a 6-track journey into the depths of Sule’s mental space. Beyond the high caliber rhyme style and bass bumping sample production, Sule has mastered the art of simply connecting on a sonic level. At the start of every song you can immediately tell what the vibe is going to be, but the way Sule expands on the vision is better than gold. With bars like:

"Pockets looking slim as the first, and I’m needing all the cash. We not trying to go back to robbin' [Robin] like Paula Patton."

"The President is a Joke, and ain't doing nothing right. Black man in America, that's a double strike."

And that’s just the intro track!

The body of the project was filled with all the necessary components of great hiphop. Even with all the technical aspects being key, Sule always seems to know how to connect metaphors to objective reality. He doesn't come off cliche' or trendy when he touches on topics like the President, black culture, and hood life because he speaks to a higher level of comprehension. It's never what you say, but how you say it that resonates with people who truly understand.

"I never had Balenciaga, them niggas with jail on me. So now I keep ya bitch in the mattress like bail money. We aint tryna leave no witnesses, niggas’ll tell on me. My niggas know a rat when they see em they smell funny."

When you get passed the artistic flex of going bar-for-bar, there was a certain level of vulnerability mixed into the EP as well. Sule opens up about intimate parts of his life regarding losing relatives to cancer, and the uphill struggle that comes in the game of life. Sule manages to bring the energy down to a relatable frequency, and touches the soul of everyone within earshot.

When all is said and done, Sule has laid some of the illest verses of 2019. The "Eviction Notice" EP was no exception. If you are looking for a lyrical genius who not only touches on every aspect of life you can think of, but does it with the purest hiphop aesthetic known in our generation... look no further.

"Potato on the barrel make the silencer sound like a screen shot!"

"Eviction Notice EP" by Sule