Cruch Calhoun - "Smile" [FAM Exclusive]

Cruch Calhoun’s vocal presence and constant bars has always been an ill combination. There’s an undeniable amount of realness within the music, and in every verse to date, Calhoun delivers his life on wax for the listening ear. Off Calhoun's latest LP "CDay" alongside Hot 97's DJ Drewski, our exclusive today entitled “Smile” is no exception. Not only is the instrumentation unique, but Calhoun’s verses connect directly to the soul with spoken truths. It’s easy to appreciate lyrical content on its own, but to deliver such a powerful cut of sheer brilliance on a record really goes to show the level that Calhoun has reached throughout the years.

Peep our Video Exclusive “Smile” by Cruch Calhoun below.