Building an Empire EP

FAM Review

For those who don't know, the Empire Business Family is a Record Label consisting of 3 top tier emcees from Jersey. The homies CJtheCannon, J.1.da, and "Big Baby" Triip blessed the hell out of Hiphop with their latest release entitled "Building an Empire".

In literally 20 mins you can feel the full range of elements that make a dope project. There's heavy bass and entrancing melodies, catchy choruses and lyricism, and an overall unique sound from start to finish.

One of the greatest things about the "Building an Empire" EP is that each artist represents one piece of a full body. There's a certain symmetry that balances the overall experience that you just have to respect. J.1.da is the eccentric lyrical being that finds different ways to structure his rhyme patterns and syllables. Cannon brings a certain smoothness and appeal to the overall abrasive approach of the group, and with his words creates chill vibes from a well-grounded perspective. And Triip is the deadly force lurking in the shadows- where every verse jumps out and forces you to pay attention to the depth he's delivering on wax.

"Fuego" by EBF

Let's be clear however, even with all of its greatness, this is just a fraction of what these 3 emcees can actually do. Any one who can envision longevity can see that there is power within the group as a collective, and as individuals as well. It seemed as if each artist had taken the lead on certain songs and shined beautifully, while on other tracks there was a simple cohesiveness where neither of them could be seen as the front man. That's the exact formula needed to make big moves as a group.

There's been something in Jersey's water for a long time, but we finally think it's good this time. The Empire Business Family is on the come up and the energy can be felt from this project alone. It actually FEELS GOOD to listen to "Building an Empire", as it shines a light that all hope isn't lost. One of the best things about all of this, is that 2021 is the the Year of the Lyricist (in our eyes) and to see NJ showing up in big ways is just an incredible feeling. Peep.