Fly Boys Couture Club

In 1997 Devlin Braswell aka Dee-Nyce was deconstructing sneakers and customizing them to his own personal preference. He got his start by buying Gucci trench coats from the infamous Canal Street, cutting them up, and reupholstering them onto air forces that would later be worn by Lil Kim, Jadakiss, and Cormega. Originally from Brooklyn, his time with the US Coast Guard granted him a relocation to Oakland where the crux of his brands success began. In 2011 Dee-Nyce started the Fly Boys Couture Club, featuring an array of garments and apparel.

As the youngest of six, Dee-Nyce grabs inspiration from his childhood where his mother would sew her own clothes for work on a regular basis. Carrying on his mother's tradition, the Fly Boys Couture Club carries premium handmade designs that the streetwear culture is very excited about. Dee dabbles with a variety of textile fabrics ranging from Pink Gator, Ostrich, and Italian Leather on some of his more eclectic pieces. But the execution he puts into the intricate details of his line is some of the best touches seen in the urban market today.

There is a very clean finish to the Fly Boys Couture Club designs that stays consistent from piece to piece. Sharp cuts with vintage accents bring life to the garments, while added texture from high quality materials enrich the class of the final product. There is an intimate relationship between comfort and style within the Fly Boys Couture Club collections. So when the exclusivity of the brand is added into the equation, there is nothing left to do but tip your hat to the mastermind.

Devlin Braswell - Owner of Fly Boys Couture Club

Fly Boys Couture Club