God Body Courtney Bell

Staying true to the in-your-face lyricism Detroit is known for, emcee Courtney Bell carries the torch onward for his native city. With bars galore and an unmistakable flow, Courtney has always presented a full-bodied rap experience with immaculate bars.

Courtney’s growth as an artist propelled him into a higher level of hiphop consciousness. Once a gun-toting rapper living for street cred, Bell transformed into a truth seeker with an innate ability to spit the real. While grinding for the first few years under the name “The Kidd Lc” and making a debut on Chicago’s Hot 107.5, Courtney Bell reinvented himself in order to expand more on his personal life.

"Aint battling no enemies, I'm battling the inner me.

Getting right with god got me channeling different energy."

Courtney began opening up more about his Jewish faith while incorporating the abrasive structure great hiphop is known for. In Bell's more recent projects entitled "God Body" and "Commandment", I expected to hear his hiphop talent transition into gospel rap- as many rappers do when they give themselves to God. But throughout Courtney Bell’s development he became more and more comfortable in the lane he created, and continued to drop dope shit in every release.

Courtney Bell represents the complete counter-culture of modern day hiphop, and is equipped with the right weapons to end the dark days of trash rap. The sign of the times is upon us and as senseless music makes its exit, Bell is the foundation needed to bring substance back to our musical culture.