Nems FYL

You ever meet the Mayor of Coney Island? He's a 6'5 monster who body bags rappers every afternoon, and goes by the name of Gorilla Nems. His first words out the womb were "Ya mixtape is Gahbage" and ever since then he's made a vow to never click the link (trash) in your bio. NEVER.

Lucky for you, we were invited to check out his event over the weekend called GORILLA DAY, which was a celebratory performance for the release of his new project entitled CONGO.

Nems pulled the illest shit by parking a flatbed truck in the middle of the hood, and performing tracks from CONGO amidst the dumb ass Vaccine mandates posed by crooked politicians. And if you thought #cratechallenge has people acting stupid, Nems single "Bing Bong" got fiends jumping into 'Rona Puddles on the street like Scrooge McDuck. If there ever was a rapper who truly never gave a f*ck, it would be Nems, hands down.

We have said it once before and we will say it again. This is the Era of the Lyricist II, and we need emcees like Nems to do what they do and as supporters of the culture, we must play our part as well. Gorilla Day was a success because Nems understands his worth so the block rocks with em'. Let's get back to the roots and stop worrying about cardboard cut outs and clout chasers.