Greatness Within by Juan Grey

At the epicenter of every brand is a creative mind expressing their profound truths. There are fine-tuned components that drive artists and designers to portray their lives through speechless mediums. Today, we are featuring a brand that was born from the inspirational depths of an amazing human, and ultimately connects physical empowerment to our greatness within.

Founded by Juan Grey, a young actor and entrepreneur out of Montreal, the active wear brand Greatness Within is a sartorial extension of Juan's inner creativity. Having dedicated his early life to soccer, and succumbing to a life changing injury in his teens, Juan embarked on an uphill battle to find a new purpose for himself.

It wasn't until he felt the lights of his first film set that he realized a new passion was being etched into his soul. His experiences in front of the camera was the crescendo to his artistic means, but was just the beginning to what would later become a journey through Entrepreneur Land.

In 2014, Juan created Greatness Within with a multifaceted purpose. While it promotes the same activeness Juan experienced in his teenage years, its core resonance speaks to an even greater calling. Captured behind the story of the GW logo, Greatness within represents the three steps of the artistic process:

-The steadfast momentum you have when you are beginning your artistic journey, and are uncovering your destiny.

-The "inevitable fall" every artist and entrepreneur encounters at some costly time during their journey.

-And finally, the abrupt skyrocketing you obtain once you battle your demons and rise above the reasons of your fall.

Without a doubt, these key elements that are relative to all conquests across the board, are the actual circumstances we as creators fall victim to. To understand the process and quantify it in such a way is a brilliant concept to use for a brands foundation, and speaks volumes no matter what part of the process you are in.

Rafaela Salomao added a vivid sense of unique to the GW gear. She embodied the physical resemblance of the brands aesthetic with power and exuberant ferocity. This is what it means to connect with your greatness within. To be electrified by the sun and harnessing the true essence of your entire being, is a remarkable feat that everyone has the ability to tap into.

Had Juan not found a passion in soccer, gotten injured, and battled his demons in order to prosper in the future- who knows what path would have been taken. But when an artist shares his truth with the world, it is our responsibility to relate, implement, and inspire others from the practices they preach. Greatness Within is way, way, way more than just a clothing brand. And when you understand how to achieve the highest peaks of your true calling, just remember Juan Grey showed you that it can be an absolute reality.




Greatness Within


Rafaela Salomao

Creative Director

Chau Le of CLE Management