HOTC: Call The Girls

The natural light studio known as the House On The Corner is Vancouver’s home for original content. Between the shoots, podcasts, and live performances, the HOTC has become an essential piece of the fashion and music sect, and represents a way of passage for Vancity’s budding culture.

Call the Girls is a vintage clothing brand that repurposes traditional fashion pieces. Worn by Clara Cossio and Jenie Gee, the overall aesthetic of the shoot was pure gold within the HOTC walls. It was fun watching all of the looks transform into classic displays of minimalism.

Bearing the slogan “We are children from the 90s”, Call the Girls Vintage embodies the style of the golden era. There’s a gentle touch of trend and nostalgia at the center, but the collection itself is of timeless detail for the feminine soul. 

The cyclic progression of fashion will forever be the standard for years to come. There is something sacred to when styles reintroduce themselves and take precedence over neo-ideas and innovation. Call the Girls continues to push the envelope for traditional wears, and align themselves with good ole fashion fun.


Call The Girls


Nick Scott


Clara Cossio

Jenie Gee


House on the Corner