In the Life of The Triiibe

The more experience you gain within creative industries, the more your appreciation increases for artists who find ways to work together.

The intellectual minds of 7TRiiiBES are connected to an elevated frequency. They are disciples of hiphop- walking the path of what raps growth was intended to be. The dopest part? They’re so Jersey with it. The strength that resonates within the Triiibe has the potential to shake the industry. So if you’re looking for drug ballads, repetitive melodies, or vibe raps, you’re definitely in the wrong place.

Laced with an ill chorus, traction began after releasing their first visuals in 2013 for a song called “Gold”. It was apparent that the crew was still finding their own lanes, but the merging of different flows and styles was organic. There was a distinct feeling of individuality amongst the collective that could be felt the second you listen.

In 2014 Live Higher went on to release a solo joint entitled “Never Lose”, which was an inspiration verse of elite lyricism. The message behind the words can still be put into practice today. A few months later, the southpaw flows of Siva dropped on a track called “Jurassic Park”, and somehow, son managed to kill that beat properly. It was an onslaught of abstract rhyme patterns that carried a solid sonic vibration.

As 7TRiiiBES continued to take their debut Summer by storm, next up was the almighty spectrum of Ki Bohiti. He touched deep into the rhythms with a production called “Reflections” that spoke on the disconnect of people from their universal purposes. And with a final performance, the big homie Kast bombarded the scene as he flexed his intellectual prowess on a joint entitled “Get It”, and finalized their solo run of 2014.

If you thought 2014 was big, 2015 was phenomenal. The Triiibe continued to attack the waves with ghetto scriptures and perspective, which led to one of the most monumental pieces of their career. “TRiiiBE SiiiDE” was the massive release that propelled them into a lasting reputation, and truly solidified the NJ group within the creative community. It was to the point if you lived between North Bergen and Bayonne, and hadn’t heard this record, you should be ashamed.

Between 2015 and 2016 the group would continue to grow in notoriety, as smaller sub-groups started to arise within the Triiibe as well. Kast, the OG homie Beheard, and Ki Bohiti came together to form the “LowDownLords”, and took the entire entity into a new experience. They dropped their first official visuals for “Everyday”, and immediately added more equity to the 7TRiiiBES dynasty.

After 4 years of straight fuego, 2017 was the year the Triiibe members found themselves diving into different creative outlets and opportunities. With a lot of travel back and forth to Cali and small business ventures around NJ, the infamous “Artist Hiatus” had surely kicked in. They dropped one group track entitled “Solidified” at the top of the year, and then, the behind the scenes growth was in effect.

Towards the end of 2018 to present day, the resurgence of 7TRiiiBES became apparent within the hiphop culture of Jersey. While the group has yet to release another full bodied production, the music is still very much alive and well. It’s only a matter of time until the alarms ring, and the Triiibe comes back to break all of our necks.