In the Life of Alexis

Every now and then it is essential to dive into the minds of great creatives. Dressed in RBRTH Clothing and surrounded by the art creations of MNDAY MRKT, we had the opportunity to capture a special moment in time. Alexis Llewellyn is a young model and artist from Vancouver, BC, who has been networking like mad since 2018. Featured in shows, lookbooks, and editorials all around the city, we had the opportunity to find out more about the inner-workings of an intelligent soul.

In your opinion what is the difference between style and fashion?

This is a very good question. I think that style is a lot more personal than fashion. Fashion to me is about trends and what’s in, and although style can be influenced by fashion, style is so much deeper. I think the cool thing is that style isn’t just about clothes. It all ties into personality and the way you carry yourself, and I think that it’s very cool that we are all able to express ourselves this way. 

Do you ever feel like there’s a common energy that can be felt from person to person?

Theres is definitely a common energy that can be felt person to person, even when people are meeting for the first time. I am very outgoing, and sometimes I find that this phenomena can be intimidating, especially when meeting someone for the first time. I’m usually able to pick up on another person’s energy right away. It’s very special when you match energies and immediately click with people.

If you could get paid $1M to do one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I love being able to make people happy. My first loves will always be school, the health field, and providing service to others. So I think if I had $1M to do one thing, it would be to tie in the educational and creative aspects of my life. I would love to start an organization that provides health care and services to the underprivileged.

With all the great talent Vancouver has to offer, what can the city do to create unity amongst each other?

I think unity in the city is quite an ongoing issue. There is often animosity between people in the same industries, and it often leads to unhealthy competition and jealousy. I think if creatives in Vancouver started to work together and combine talents, there would be a much more positive response. Not only within the city, but also on an individual level as well. People need to start realizing that we can use our individual talents to come up as a unit, which in turn allows us to further thrive, period. 

What do you consider the top 3 milestones in your creative journey?

This is a tough question. My creative journey has been a rocky one. I have been in school my whole life, so I found it hard to balance this as well as my creative expressions. I think my first milestone would honestly be my first shoot as a model, for a local brand @CrownTheQueens. I learned so much and ultimately gained confidence knowing that I had talent in this field. The second milestone for me would be being able to be one of the first to shoot for Off White Vancouver. Having shot with their photographer previously, it was a challenge that enhanced my outlook on my modeling capabilities. It felt good knowing that I was able to survive in this industry. My third milestone, a very recent one, would be completion of my first single (release date TBA). I finally mentally gained the courage to write and record music, which has been a long time coming!

What’s it like being a creative in a young and bubbling city like Vancouver?

I think Vancouver has a lot to offer. When a city is growing and gaining more buzz, it’s a perfect time to grow and express creativity. I think Vancouver’s ‘young’ characteristic allows creatives to not only be themselves and try new things, but also allows for fewer judgement as our collective identity has not yet been established. It is a great time to be a creative in the city of Vancouver.