In the Life of BStar

From all different angles and all different creeds, there’s a vast amount of backgrounds where hiphop breeds. From Leesburg, FL to the mighty city of Los Angeles, our next exclusive highlights a talent that sprouted early in his career. Bernard Mathis aka BStar began his musical journey around the age of 15, and since then, never looked back on his true calling.

With an affinity for drums in his younger years, BStar picked up the sticks and began his journey towards becoming an emcee. With a mic never too far out of reach, the young artist cultivated his craft as both a front man and percussionist depending on the needs of his daily routine. Learning the essence of production, BStar grew more and more into a refined skill set, and has continued his elevation since his first single in 2010 entitled “Hometown Music”.

As the years progressed, BStar evolved from a drum playing hybrid to a full on lyricist and began doing shows in different venues. Between 2011-2012 he began tightening up his stage presence and adding another notch to his level of expertise. B was a natural in the realms of sound, tweaking the knobs on his professional stature and filling the world with an immense amount of potential. With rhythm in his heart and hiphop in his veins, he went on to release another young test of faith in his song called “Big Dreams”.

For years BStar continued to level up and express himself through the words of a song. As he started to mature into a young man, his topic structure and overall ferocity began to reach towards a higher vibration. Like Jesus himself, there was a long period of awakening that propelled B into a different realm of thought, and took many years before he recreated himself into the artist he is today.

Now in 2020, BStar has released some of the most captivating music of our generation. His first step was an amazing collaboration with the older god Lil Boosie in the featured track above entitled “Tweety”. Without a doubt, the BStar of the younger years had gravitated toward the contemporary structure of rap and had come to a pinnacle in his ever-flowing dream. After the official release of “Tweety”, B followed up with an acoustic violin rendition of the single featuring LA creative Volkan the Violinist.

After all is said and done, BStar has traveled over a decade to become the man and artist he is today. Even time itself has a rough go at diminishing the passions that people hold dear to their hearts, and the soul speaks to every artist who knows they are destined for greatness.

Most recently, he released his latest single “Climbing Up The Ladder” for every listening ear to rock to. It is a perfect embodiment of not only his travels into 2020 but also invites everyone to continue pursuing the mission, no matter what that mission may be. BStar has a spirit that can not be broken and everything he strives for is built on his authentic self. There a few and far between that can match his strength and overall character within the rap game, and it will be an exciting moment the day he drops his debut project. Stay tuned…