In The Life of Chi'Codez

Hard-bodied lyricism, immaculate vocabulary, and a unique vocal tone only leads to one entity. Chi’Codez has been blessed by the city of Boston with a solid foundation of truth, and he articulates it to the masses through street knowledge and deep rhetoric. A true member of the Modern Renaissance, Chi expresses hiphop in its purest form and paves the way with intellectual rhymes and abrasive delivery.

“Music brings joy and happiness, so I produce sounds and lyrics that relate to different experiences in life. The information becomes a resource for people aiming to elevate themselves.” -Chi'Codez

The energy that resonates throughout Chi keeps his powerful essence aligned, so it was no surprise that he began his journey on a high note. Formerly known as “Cheat Codez”, Big Chi has blessed the game with many years in the making. His first official track under the Chi’Codez moniker began when he released “Top Flights Back” in 2013, which was a heavy hitting display of aggressive rap. However, this was only the first tier of Chi’Codez true power, and the process had just begun.

The raw display of Chi’Codez continued on throughout 2014 as well, and unlimited equity followed along with him. He released a single entitled “What’s Krakken” with horror-based cinematics that fit the direction perfectly. The song caught the eye of none other than WorldStarHipHop and accrued over 50K views on their platform alone. It’s also important to note that Chi ended the year by testing his versatility. He put out visuals for a track called “Finding the Man” that spoke to the inner workings of his personal soul search, and set an example for those trying to find theirs as well.

The overall creativity of Chi is a testament to his attention to detail. Every piece and project he debuts to the world is well balanced and brings about an entranced interest of his work. In 2015, he dropped a record full of enlightenment called “Dreamz Come True” which was an embodiment of self-inspiration. But even more importantly, he released an album entitled “The 1st Step To History” and shook the game up with cultural instrumentation and deep felt verses. If it comes from Big Chi it’s always going to be of the greatest quality.

“The more I continue to grow and make great relationships, the more I realize I can remain independent and continue to develop.”

Let’s take into consideration that Chi embraces a syllabic rhyme structure within the fire of his pen. Once you find the hidden meaning within the bars, it’s time to go and break down the actual words. Each sound is laced with perfect placement, and adds another layer to Chi’s genius.

In 2016 the powerful energy behind his mixtape “Money, Power, Death & Dreamz” was simply the next step in his evolution. While the one single “More Money, More Problems” connected with the woes of rich realities, we see the I’ll-bite-your-head-off-in-the-booth version of Chi’Codez in the official single “Watch yo Mouf”.

Being a boss comes with its perks. After smashing the game heavily with multiple drops every year, it was time to lay down some steel and concrete. In 2017 Chi founded the Underworld Recordz company to house other talented musicians in Boston as well as create a space for his artwork to cultivate. While the name was later changed to the current World of Wealth Recordz, the entrepreneurial switch had been turned on and the adventure towards bigger and better milestones was underway.

But that didn’t stop the music from flowing either. Chi put out another powerhouse project entitled “The God of Wealth” which featured the likes of Neff, King Bang, and Eddy Fish.

So we officially renamed 2018 as The Year of Chi’Codez, no debating. Right after creating a Record Label, dropping another full body of work, and shooting videos nonstop, all Chi did was continue to pillage the field. He dropped 10 different records across the 365, with each of them ranging in concept and context. His song “Telepathy” consisted of a neo/spacy aesthetic to get the trap jumping, but he also took a few shots at Cambridge rapper Millyz with bars from his “Aimin’ 4 Millyz” freestyle. Just when you thought it was over, Chi dropped “The Prince of Darkness” EP- just in case you thought your work ethic was something special.

In 2019 Chi released his most recent album “Winning”, which pretty much sums up the journey thus far. Outstanding on all fronts, “Winning” incorporates the true gems we long for in hiphop. With a concise message hidden in every track, features that will give you the stank face, and beat selection that bangs like the storm door, Chi never ceases to amaze. It’s a 12-track project of inspiration but gives you that real rap feel all the way through. It’s one of the few pieces that you can go crazy to sonically, but makes you stop and appreciate the wisdom wrapped inside. To understand that this has been Chi’Codez main objective to begin with, makes you understand his worth that much more.

There’s a lot more in store for Chi’Codez in 2020. He recently released the banger “Big Chi” this month, and is gearing up for a number of events. Be on the lookout for the next collection of fire entitled “World of Wealth” that is set to drop in the upcoming months. With a full head of steam and a drive like a semi, it will be another impressive year for the God of Wealth himself, Chi-muthfuckin-Codez.