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CjtheCannon is a Hiphop artist that implements pivotal points of his personal life into the music he creates. With deep roots in The Bronx, Staten Island, and Montclair, NJ, Cannon currently resides in Virginia where his modern day masterpieces have come to flourish. After losing his father at the age of 2, the struggles of life transformed him at a young age into the man and artist that he is today.

Hiphop began for CJ as a therapeutic outlet. Between playing basketball and running the streets, becoming an emcee was the only way to clear his conscious from the day to day street life. In 2015 he went on to release his first official track entitled “Bout Scrilla” that not only gained an immense amount of recognition, but completely exceeded everyone's expectations straight out the gate. This was Cannon's first opportunity to speak on the realities he was faced with, and ultimately led to his first official project the “Dark Facts Mixtape”

“After a death hit my inner circle, Hiphop gave me the ability to think rationally instead of operating through pure emotion.” -CjtheCannon

Dark Facts Mixtape (2015)

CjtheCannon is motivated to continue the pure aesthetics of authentic Hiphop. Inspired by the late great Chinx Drugz and Harlem’s Dave East, Cannon aligns himself with the true pioneers that the hood respects. In 2016 he shot and released his first visuals for a song entitled “The Keys” out in Miami. Writing rhymes was becoming second nature at this point, and his growth was about to become more and more apparent.

Versatility is the test of every artist, and the ability to connect on a different vibe than the usual speaks volumes in an artist’s career. While Cannon's 2017 "Dark Facts 2" mixtape contained hits like "Dream Hunting", which stayed cohesive with his hard bars and abrasive style- he decided to test the passionate waters as well in his single “Talk to Me pt.2”. Additionally, Dark Facts 2 was the first mixtape that featured a major recording artist within its track list. The Memphis monster known as Project Pat made a special guest appearance on a song called “GasMan”.

2018 was an introspective year for Cannon, as his music began to resonate more from the subconscious rather than through his lyrical prowess. He began getting deep with his writing style as he released his single “Ball Game”, and ultimately began shining a light on his mental state and anxieties. At this point, his well-roundedness had come full circle and there was no topic, direction, or rap style he couldn’t embody and make his own. 

Having gone full speed ahead for the past four years and relentlessly keeping his foot on their necks, 2019 was a year of artistic development for Cannon. As he dived deep into the intimate plannings of his next moves, he kept a steady momentum on the creative side as well. He gave the world two incredible snippet videos entitled “Mind and Chest” and the “DF2 Interlude” which were two tracks of straight GAS. The style and cadence he was renowned for was still alive and well.

Now in 2020, CjtheCannon is back to cracking the game over its head with brand new product for the rap junkie. Not only did he pay respect to the Hiphop legend Nipsy Hussle on a banger called “Luv Dem N*****” but his most recent cinematic release for “Score” has become a major hit amongst Hiphop circles. Amongst his 2020 appearances, he also dropped his well awaited project “Dark Facts 4” which encompasses all of his experience as an artist, but furthermore, speaks to rap purists in the rawest form.

Big ups to the true emcees who love, live, and bring value to this thing called Hiphop. And remember, when you speak of multifaceted artists who are sent to light  the game on fire, you better include the big homie CjtheCannon…

Dark Facts 4 (2020)


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