In the Life of Henny Blanco

Ok boys and girls. Pack your shit. It's time to go home. If you think you're about to go on after that boy Henny Blanco drops his verses, you are sadly mistaken. Repping Plainfield, NJ Henny B does more than rap, he drops metaphives that go WAY over people's heads. It was a true blessing to hear such vivid wordplay in 2021, especially since the world has been hypnotized by heavily marketed bullshit the past few years. It's time to wake up and pay tribute to actual Hiphop.

"They see the clique real, get with us and start to cap more. Around these icons, my niggas is like the App Store." - Henny Blanco

The fact is this: Raw Talent will always dominate Pure Skill if it's handled properly. Getting his official start in 2016 with visuals for a track entitled "Monster" (above), Henny was literally spitting flames right out the gate. With a pen game that sick, we would bet there was a lot of preparation that the world didn't get to see. But to display such power in his first run of releases was a smart move by Henny Blanco, as it gave us that rawness right up front with no frills and limitless potential.

In 2017 Henny released his first project entitled "Don't Let Me Get Money vol. 1" that solidified his artistry in long form. The project consisted of 8 tracks that shined a light on Henny's rap versatility by incorporating both hard-style lyricism and conceptual pieces all in one body of work. The Freshman album for unsigned artists tend to be confusing, as it is a feat they have never tackled before. But just as Henny Blanco came out swinging in 2016, this follow up was definitely one for the books.

It was a snowball effect from there ladies and gentlemen, as Henny Blanco consistently started to murder every beat put in front of him. In 2018 and 2019 Henny dropped a number of dope material including Time Tickin' (above) and the second installment "Don't Let Me Get Money vol. 2". With these two joints alone, Henny Blanco was making big moves for Jersey to rock with. With a barrage of punchlines and quote-ables in his delivery, it reminds us of a battle rap legacy, but way more refined and in-tuned. In other words, his well rounded capabilities started making him into an even bigger beast than he already proved himself to be.

Come 2019, it was time for one of the most chess player moves for an artist like Henny Blanco to make. He teamed up with the homie Tey Cinco for a collaborative project called "5 on A 5th" that added a whole new element to the catalog. Not only did Henny and Cinco complement each other on a sonic level, but they both held their own from a lyrical standpoint as well. Now, three projects deep, Henny was not only solid in his own personal rap career, but was implementing a number of strategies to keep his audience engaged, while also expanding his influence through a tag-team approach.

As we reached the Corona season of 2020, the head crack was still prevalent for the emcee. He released (in our opinion) one of the hardest records of the year with the homie Flamz entitled "Nosetalgia" and set fire to the hood. While this was only one of many singles Henny dropped in 2020, this one resonated the highest with us. There's just something about grimy ass stanzas going back-to-back that make you think Jada and Styles were summoned in Jersey. And while there is a lot of material we could drop for you to hear, it's better if you do the digging and appreciate the art on your own accord...

Truth be told, that boy Henny Blanco is a muhfuggin' BEAST. NJ has been stepping up their game for the past couple years, but we believe Blanco has been ahead of times. Definitely make sure to check out the plethora of work he has put out, and rock with an artist that really puts in that work. #JERSEY