In the Life of a Unicorn

Killa Kherk Cobain aka Unicorn has been a cornerstone in elevating Jersey Club Music. Repping East Orange and Newark, NJ to the fullest, Killa Kherk brings the party to life alongside his crew 151 Feva Gang. His originality, fashion sense, and understanding of the game has led him to a pure level of success around the Tri-State. But when you speak about the most humble and genuine dudes in the music industry, we have yet to find someone as grounded and solidified as Killa Kherk Cobain.

It all began the day Kherk and his crew hit the Meadowlands Fair and was joking around at one of the karaoke booths. Chanting their anthems over 50 Cent's “Magic Stick” beat, the booth workers gave them a cd of the recording afterward. It wasn’t until they went back and listened to it weeks later that they realized the energy behind the music was real. In 2007, Kherk and 151 Feva Gang began putting out both original music and Jersey Club remixes for the listening ears, and to their surprise, ended up gaining a lot of traction Fresh Out the Gate.

Having been surrounded by club music in his youth from his mother’s record collections, it was fate that Kherk eventually took on the challenge of recreating that sound. At first, Jersey Club DJ’s were against putting rappers over their beats. But with Baltimore being the leading source for club music at the time, in 2008 Kherk reached out to Bmore’s late, great DJ K Swift who embraced his vision and ultimately collaborated on a remixed banger for “Tote It”.

“Tote It” was a massive success in the club music scene and opened a lane for Kherk that was unheard of at the time. In 2010 he released a project called The Last Swaggin which featured the slaps “We Run This!” and “Nigga Like Me” featuring Feva Gang members Chad Piff and Dapper Don. The momentum continued to build for the Unicorn as he began executing the right moves at the right time.

2011 was a milestone year for Killa Kherk. He teamed up with a budding shooter by the name of Nimi Hendrix (Secret Society Motion Pictures), who at the time, was shooting music videos for the low low. Kherk and Nimi went on to drop visuals for a track called “Kush Groove” which was rated by Fader Magazine as the “Hottest Video of the Year”. DJ Wallah (who had been spinning records in Newark Clubs for years) continued inviting Feva Gang/Secret Society to the dopest events in NJ, and was bumping Kherk’s music on the regular. Building these types of relationships should be the goal of every artist, and if you think different, think different.

As with many creatives that immerse themselves in their craft, it was time to lay low from the music scene and focus his talents towards a parallel art form. Having already graduated with a degree in Business from Rutgers University, in 2013 Kherk Cobain gravitated to a more corporate platform in the fashion world. He began sneaker blogging as an intern for a while, and ultimately landed a spot as the frontman for a Coogi Brand relaunch. He went on to release an exclusive Coogi ski mask that he designed by hand, and immediately started getting calls from hiphop heads and industry folk.

After a long needed hiatus, in 2015 we experienced a revitalized Kherk Cobain. Let it be known, although the unicorn wasn’t releasing his own music during his break, he continued to push 151 Feva Gang and all those in the Jersey Club scene to the fullest via YouTube and Instagram- but now it was time to rock. He released 2 singles entitled “Money in the Bank” and “Coogi Down” and picked up right where he left off. All of his efforts in elevating NJ came back around in karma-form, and blessed him with the opportunity to keep bangin’ em in the head with ill vibes.

However, it wasn’t until 2018 where the unicorn would create one of his greatest defining moments as a Jersey Club artist. By this point Killa Kherk had made massive waves in the industry and touched the souls of many across the Tri-State. But the release of “Heartbroken” and “It’s Time” was by far the most monumental experiences as he re-established his claim as the elite trendsetter of Jersey Club. But get this, while 2018 was a true accomplishment for Kherk, his latest moves have been his greatest moves.

In 2019, the movement has become an unstoppable force and Kherk has done nothing but keep his foot on the gas. Killa Kherk Kobain aka The Muthafuckin’ Unicorn had the opportunity that artists dream about. In the attendance of almost 90,000 people, Kherk got his record played on the main stage of Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert. Shouts to the legendary DJ Enuff for holding the homie down and facilitating a space for a unicorn to shine.

When all is said and done we all have to remember that Killa Kherk is not of this planet. As far as I’m concerned, Area 51 is right there in Essex County. His hustle continues to be unmatched amongst his peers and his swag is just too damn fresh. To be relevant for this long and still climbing the ranks within your artistry is a task that many could never achieve. With that sentiment alone, we can do nothing more than tip our hats to one of the realest dudes in the rap game.

Killa Kherk Cobain