In The Life of LX Xander

What do you get when you combine an unfuckwitable personality with sheer undeniable talent? One bad ass producer… From Central London to LA, LX Xander has worked with some of the biggest names in HipHop but still remains to keep his unique demeanor golden. When you have artists like Snoop Dogg, Royce Da 5’9, and Rick Ross under your belt, but still manage to keep the game guessing your next moves, it’s safe to say you are both accomplished and a downright legend in the making.

While LX started making music at the ripe age of fourteen, it wasn't until he started growing into abstractness that his skills became more refined within the art of HipHop production and Rap music in general.

In 2017 LX Xander created his production company Ghostcraft Music and would officially start knocking heads with exclusive releases. Bearing the moniker of a Spooky Producer, LX’s sound became HipHop’s contemporary version of a “Children of the Corn” movie, with the artistic compass of Brian Welch. With futuristic energy and an ear blessed with music theory, LX Xander went on to release a track with Snoop Dogg entitled “Afterlife” and another with skateboard goon Hopsin entitled “The Red Room”.

LX’s momentum started grabbing a massive amount of attention from the upper echelons of HipHop. In 2018 Xander produced “Ubetcha” which was a collaboration with longtime rap affiliate Yaydo that touched the screen of 2Chainz Viceland’s Most Expensivest series as well as VH1’s Black Ink Crew: Chicago. His contribution to the “The Whoodlum Ball” (Hosted by the legendary DJ Whoo Kid) was also a tremendous feat, especially since Whoo Kid has been known as the Streets DJ for over a decade. However, LX’s biggest accomplishment of 2018 was aligning himself with the bombshell rapper Angela Mazzanti’s “We So Mob” which featured the Boss himself, Rick Ross.

Having a foundational background in the world of Electronic Rock, 2019 threw a bit of a changeup as LX dropped a repurposed take on Alien Ant Farm’s cover to “Smooth Criminal” which was an absolute HIT in 2009. The Ghostcraft remix featured another member of the crew, HighRise, which implemented a heavy rap aesthetic that evolved the track even more than the cover itself. Reconnecting with Angela Mazzanti, Xander found himself working with her and the All-Star Caskey who featured on a track called “The Greatest”.

Now, as 2020 has reared its ugly head, LX Xander took to Instagram to let other producers know he will outwork them and grab every opportunity they squander because of Covid. While it may come off harsh to some, facts are facts. Earlier this year he went on to create a track with rappers HighRise and Hyde on a production called “Heaven’s Rejects”, and is rumored to be working more with genre-related Baby Goth on a lot of new material as well. While it’s been an annoying year with tons of bullshit, we are excited to see what 2021 rolls out for the Ghostcraft Spooky Producer.

And we’ll also try to tell Jonny Savag to not say too much about The FXMILY...