In the Life of Teon Gibbs

Every city desires an artist that encompasses culture in wonderful ways. Vancouver, BC, as a young and bubbling city, is constantly evolving on the artistic front and has broken down the barriers between each creative community.

The style and fortitude of the emcee Teon Gibbs is an immense example of what the hiphop of Vancouver is becoming. With every passing day, his strength within the community is pushing the envelope even further. Originally from Botswana (Southern Africa), Teon has called British Columbia his home for a decade, and wears the stripes of the city as proudly as one can.

Teon’s journey began in 2016 when he dropped not just one, but three videos in creative succession. His first official release entitled “I Feel Like The Man feat. INI” was a vibed out rendition of pure hiphop, where Teon and INI go back and forth with grown man bars. Later in the year he went on to release “Fuego” and “Northside feat. Bartley”, which were both just as high quality of a product as the first. Right out the gate, Teon was showing the world that he was ready to rock with the best of them, and hasn’t let up since.

With a powerful pen and unwavering work ethic, Teon Gibbs was determined to continue banging the culture over the head with dope content. One thing to note is the immense versatility that resonates throughout each artful piece, and his ability to connect with other powerful creatives in the process.

In 2017 he released another trifecta. His singles “Get Enough”, “On Right Now feat. Shonslo”, and “Spanish Banks feat. Quarterback” were all very different from one another, yet, the talented coordination of each drop touched different parts of the soul. The fact is, Teon understands the intricate forms embedded within music, and uses his talent to command the setting as he lays verses over beats. Even with all the progress he made in two short years, the best was yet to come.

Welcome to 2018, where the full force of Teon’s artistry was implemented. After six incredible singles, it was time to drop his debut project for the world to see. His “These Are The Times” album was a 10-track production that portrayed Teon’s full-fledged ability to sweep the game off of its feet. The range of emotions and consistent craftsmanship within the body of this project was top tier. While songs like “Rookie SZN” brought about a heavy headnod with braggadocious lyricism, Teon balances the album with tracks like “Heard You Say feat. Jamie-Rose” that embodies the softer side of hiphop for the ladies to rock to.

After the project was released, it was time to connect with venues and put on major performances for the BC social scene. In 2019 Teon hit the stage everywhere, performing some of the most worthy singles from his catalog. From the Surrey Fusion Festival, Exposure in Richmond, to the renowned So Far Sounds stage in Vancouver, the Province-wide tour showcased his potential as a crowd pleaser.

Even so, this didn’t stop him from pushing wax. He dropped a number of singles throughout the year as well, most notably, a joint called “In My Head pt.1” that defines itself as a ballad speaking on modern day issues, alongside the mellowed out “Sweet feat. Amber Bayani & Makadi”. And if that wasn’t enough, Teon also dropped his second project entitled “Rose Tape”, that tied up the momentum in one profound collection.

Now in 2020, the drive and ambition to stay in that number one seat has only elevated and grown within the potential of Teon Gibbs. While our good friend Covid19 has stopped most of the artistry from coming to fruition, the music is still alive and well.

Teon has dropped nine pieces of material during quarantine, with each of them ranging with collabs from Mr. Floetic, Korduroy Floyd, Clive Fagan, and more. After appearing on our “IG Live Interview Series”, we had the opportunity to hear his, then, newest release called “Blues to Green feat. Jaspa”. So with everything opening back up, it will be very exciting to see what is next for the Vancouver Powerhouse known as Teon Gibbs...