In The Life of Vel The Wonder

Big bars never come from small minds. When an unfuckwitable energy passes through the microphone, consider the codes of dope hiphop cracked. Our exclusive today features the bars of a God emcee that has perfected her craft throughout the years and continuously snaps necks with the headnod.

Repping Los Angeles, rapper Vel the Wonder got her start in 2012 with her debut project entitled the Closet Rap Mixtape. From very early in her career Vel seems to have had a lyrical prowess embedded in her skill set. Typically, a rapper's first release is subpar as they have yet to hone in on their true potential, but somehow, Vel was killin' shit straight out the gate.

"I'm just filmin' from a camera phone. 5 feet tall but my stamina's grown. And the way I spit will never leave these rappers alone. I travel all over the world but call Los Angeles home."

Let's face it, for a first timer, that's some damn good usage of syllables right there.

What makes Vel super ill is the fact she can bring you to the street and bar you to death, or she can transcend and hit you with some elevated smooth shit. In 2013 Vel released a project called Laced with Pearls which was a rollercoaster of an album, as it touches on the highs and lows of life with a variety of aesthetics. It was at this moment Vel's buzz began to sprout in LA, but the garden of her true potential was yet to be manifested.

Speaking of elevated smooth shit, in 2016 Vel and Producer Fourth Beats released the Melotonics album that would pave the way for the "softer side" of Vel the Wonder. The majority of the album was full of heartfelt renditions and love songs with a twist. Being a sensational project full of plush harmonies and lovestruck lyricism, the visuals for the singles "Me & You" and Stuck incorporated the necessary imagery to bring the entire album to life.

As time continued, Vel's rhymes, style, and presentation continued to flourish in the realms of underground hiphop. She started to become an unstoppable force as the relentless approach of her work ethic became the fuel for her upward motion. And in 2017 Vel got back in her ratchet-bag! First she released a "Best Of" tape entitled Singles & Collabos that basically showcased her milestone tracks up to this point, but more importantly, her Joyride album was the raw shit we've been waiting for.

(side note: listen to the single "Mirrored" here)

2019 was the year of no f*cks given for Vel the Wonder. To see her proverbial growth throughout the decade, and to experience her upper echelon abilities grow to this magnitude was truly a blessing. Her next project La Sena Ave included some of the truest pieces of independent hiphop we can ask for, especially since the mumble-rap bullshit was in full effect. Not only did Vel shine on a Golden Era vibe, but she also brought a solid commemoration to her Mexican roots in her single, Mija. Without a doubt, this was a crescendo for her masterful mindset, and still, she wasn't done...

The evolution of Vel the Wonder started off as a little Latina girl with big bars, and has now snowballed into a little Latina girl with bigger bars than your favorite rapper. From abrasive lyricism to passionate recitals, Vel is by far one of the most hardcore, eclectic, and versatile emcees on the planet. In her most recent 2020 album called Trophy Wife everything we know about Vel has come to fruition. She is constantly mashing up her styles and topics to convey messages to her audience. She is completely unpredictable which is the greatest trait an artist can have EVER.

It was an honor going through the catalog of Vel the Wonder as the modern hiphop game is littered with talentless clout chasers. So when we come across solidified artists who has literally WORK THEIR ASS OFF and care about the art form, it is important that we give them their flowers. This one is for you Vel...