In The Life of YPDMV

One of the greatest parts of Hiphop, is learning about the stories that belong to the artists. To hear about the pains that an artist goes through and see how they transform those struggles into song, is the bittersweet taste of what Hiphop truly is.

Rapper YPDMV is no exception to the rule. Coming from very humble beginnings, YP has risen from critical times to become the artist he is today. As a black man born in Miami, FL and growing up under a Hebrew Israelite heritage, he walked the path of most resistance the day he was brought to this earth. After spending a decent chunk of his childhood in Miami, he relocated to Richmond, VA where he ultimately fell in love with music at the age of 13.

Fast forward to 2010, YP was kicked out of his home by his mother and decided to relocate to the ‘City where dreams come true’ aka New York City. With a pen in one hand and a dream in the other, YP began battling chronic homelessness and crippling depression. However, the power of music was embedded in his soul and he was determined to make it in the industry. With the help of a close friend, he was able to gain a sense of stability and continued to focus on the musical goals he set for himself.

It’s always been a known fact that constant hardships breed the best artists. It took years before YPDMV could get to a comfortable place within his life so that he could focus wholeheartedly on his craft. Finally in 2018 YP dropped his first debut project entitled “M.I.A to N.Y.C”, which was a 10-track mixtape of straight fire. The first official single off the project called “110 Mil” set the stage on a visual note for such a long anticipated project.

YPDMV considers himself to be a student of the rap game and is still defining his personal sound within it. He prides himself on making music that lives up to the confident stature that emcees are known for, but also sets out to uplift and inspire with his lyrical content. With a little pain mixed with a powerful demeanor, he released his second single from the M.I.A to N.Y.C project entitled “Bag Language” that began with a great speech from the one and only Jane Elliott. The visuals however, displayed a great message that resonates heavily with the modern day challenges of our society.

Now in 2020, YPDMV is currently picking up a lot of momentum and expanding his brand. His network is slowly growing as he is beginning to utilize a lot of outside influences to push his craft forward. He was featured on the Vancouver, BC Platform MNDAY MRKT in a series called “What’s Your MNDAY MTIVE” which touches on a daily routine that drives an individual's potential every week. Come July, he will also be featured in the NJ powerhouse publication known as “We Are Jersey Magazine”, where he will have an interview and magazine article dedicated to his passion. YP is definitely making conscious decisions that will impact his career as an artist throughout the rest of 2020.

Definitely stay tuned for all thats next to come. As for music, he is finishing up the official music video for his latest release “Ten Toes Down”. With a colorful past and an ambition as big as the city he resides in, prepare to see even more of YPDMV and always remember to support local artistry. We are definitely excited to see all that comes next...