In The Mind of Oya Storms

Between enchanting vocal melodies and a powerfully precise cadence, Oya Storms is a creative vocalist living in Seattle, WA. Stemming from the mind and blossoming into the heart, her newest project entitled “Well Done” is a 4-track compilation of soulful vibes and character. Her name (originating from the Yoruba Goddess of Western Africa) is just as powerful as the words that echo from her inner peace. It was an amazing experience learning more about her strengths and passions in our interview, and we are excited to share it all with you today.

The Queen of Self Love, and owning the fact YOU ARE a beautiful BLACK woman, who or what has influenced the way you show up in the world?

My biggest influence would have to be my grandmother. She always taught me how to preserve my truths through all obstacles, both good and bad. She also constantly reminded me of my role as a black woman in this society. That role was me being fearless, bold, and unapologetic in all that I do.

What are some of your daily practices that keep you balanced and creative, especially in times of uncertainty?

One thing that keeps me grounded everyday would have to be meditation. When things become uncertain and I feel myself in a state of unknowing, I like to draw my focus back to being still and allowing myself to process things without the distractions around me.

With all of the body, mind, and soul that is put into your inner work, and the wisdom gained in your growth, what is some advice you would give your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to not feel pressured to be great. I think we often forget to enjoy particular events in our life because we are so pressured to be the best at everything. I’ve learned that life is about making experiences, no matter how good or bad they may seem. At the end of the day, the journey is always the reward.

What was the creative process like in the studio while recording your project ‘Well Done’?

Talaya and I had a very fun time creating these songs. I freestyled the majority of the songs, as I like my music to come straight from the heart. I would hear a tune in my head and Talaya would pick up on it and we would just flow from there.

If you had to choose one, would you rather your music influence the way someone feels or the way someone thinks (heart vs mind)?

I would say that my goal is to change the way people think. If you aren’t thinking well, how can you physically feel well? I ask myself this question almost daily. So with that being said, my goal is to provoke emotion and thoughts when people listen to my music.