July Artist of the Month


After over a year of unrest we have officially revived our FAM "Artist of the Month" exclusives. To continue the tradition, we ran a contest in the US and Canada for the next up and coming emcee. After searching through a number of great artists, we had the pleasure of creating content for one of Vancouver's newest creatives...

Emerging as a super talented and energetic Hiphop artist, Ishan is making waves as a young emcee. There is a unique balance of aggression and purpose that shines through Ishan's delivery, and creates that unfuckwitable aura that gravitates around his music. The strength behind his music has proven that he can definitely hang with the hitters, and with all the momentum in the world behind him, Ishan will evolve to contend with the best of them.

Despite being a new face on the scene, Ishan has dropped a number of singles since Summer of 2020. After teaming up with the good people at Shinigami Collective he released his first visuals ever for a song called "Epiphany" and followed it up a with another video for a single called "Unimpressed". However, it wasn't until we experienced his video for "Magnum", we knew Ishan officially reached the next level of his growth.

It's apparent that Ishan cares about the art of rhyme writing and pays great detail to the words he speaks. He is a loose cannon with lyrics and is looking to compete with anyone when it comes to the bars. At the same time, Ishan respects the hustle and remembers that it's all love at the end of the day.

What makes Ishan a rarity for Vancouver is his abrasive approach to hiphop. Rapper's in Vancity are, by far, more poetic and melodic in nature. But Ishan has solidified himself with more uptempo mosh-ready records, while still keeping the integrity of Hiphop intact. It would be interesting to hear what an entire project by Ishan would sound like, as his imaginative approach to a full body of work would definitely be a great listen.

Let us celebrate new beginnings for every creative that has begun their journey. It wasn't too long ago that many of us were venturing onto a new entrepreneurial path. Ishan has shown that he has an unlimited amount of potential and tons of star quality to boot. This is just the beginning ladies and gentlemen. So make sure to stay in touch with the brilliant minds that are on their way up, and support your local artists...

July Artist of the Month: Ishan