In the Life of PeteyxKraze

With a bond as strong as the city they represent, the cosmic duo and Jersey City natives known as PeteyxKraze have always been top tier. PxK have engraved their music into the ears of many fans around NJ, and continue to embark on a mission towards independent success.

PeteyxKraze started releasing music in 2011 using the traditional formula most new artists gravitate towards: YouTube. Dropping tracks under the umbrella known as “R.E.A.L Music”, they began finding their voice and tone which would later evolve into a seasoned package of dope hiphop. Creating a flip to Jason Derulo’s famous track, their first ever release entitled “What Cha Say” is a nostalgic representation of new beginnings, and an ode to the indie artistic process.

Being fresh and new to the game, PxK went full force with dropping tracks consistently and doing shows to get their music heard by the masses. The young team started networking with anyone within earshot, with hopes of paving the road to their own destiny. The inspiration behind their songs has always been about spreading their truths and uplifting the community with words of rhythmical wisdom. They performed for the first time in 2012 at a local Jersey City high school, and rocked the stage for every onlooker that attended.

In 2014, PeteyxKraze would go on to release their first full length project entitled “Petey Ugly Kraze Ugly” that sported 12-tracks of straight gas. This was a refreshing experience because it solidified that these boys were serious about elevating their craft, but also displayed the growth that the two emcees were currently achieving. Gaining over 13,000 views for their first full project left the boys well nourished and accomplished. And with the wind under their feet, this marked the perfect milestone to capture the essence of what PxK truly stand for.

What needs to be known is that PxK have put out a lot of music. A LOT. By 2015 they were well over 40 tracks deep with a few visuals scattered in between. However, their first professionally shot video came about for a song called “I Don’t Even Do That” which touched on the young adult lifestyle of doing stupid shit, but circles back to clarify that PeteyxKraze choose to steer clear of the recklessness. It was here where they started to truly build their brand and image to the point Jersey City had no choice but to feel what their artistic motives were.

In 2016 PeteyxKraze succeeded in creating their own wave with a unique approach to contemporary rap. Their efforts had led them to a plateau where stability was key in order to continue moving forward in their craft.. While at first, the tools they had before them gave them the ability to record and release music consistently. But now, they were empowered on both the sonic and visual fronts of the game, and were able to explore their talents with maximum potential. They went on to release another banger entitled “Gang”, and moved with confidence knowing that the sparked had been fully ignited.

Teaming up with Phi from the infamous 070 Crew in 2017, PeteyxKraze dropped their next single Safehouse, which went on to become one of their most notable drops to date. The best part about PxK is the unmistakable tone they have on each record. Having taken a short hiatus, “Safehouse” was a summertime joint that reminded fans to stay in tune while the next hurdle was being approached. At the same time, PeteyxKraze were gearing up to release their 2018 venture “Grand Theft Audio: Jersey City Stories” series which focused on showing the world their solo muscles outside of the rap group environment.

Now, in 2019, the boys are still dropping heat for the head nod. They began the year in a heartfelt way by releasing a short project entitled “Andre” that spoke to some of the hardships they’ve faced as artists. “Andre” being a name for a cheap champagne brand, the New Year had the boys feeling as if they worked their asses off but had nothing to celebrate for. In the same breath however, PxK also dropped a single entitled “Legacy” that questioned the importance of leaving your mark in society and what it means to create the future that will ultimately becoming the past you leave behind.

PeteyxKraze are a remarkable tag team that encompass the greatness of underground culture. Their style is original and second to none when it comes to bringing a song to life. Their journey is well underway, and as long as they keep their heads on straight and continue to balance every aspect of their career, they will undoubtedly do great things in hiphop. It is an honor and a pleasure to name PeteyxKraze our June Artists of the Month, and be sure to check them out as they continue on their journey to success.