Life's a Luxury by NateTaylorr

FAM Review

What we loved the most about NateTaylorr's "Life's a Luxury" album was how much quality was achieved by shortening the length of each song. Most of the tracks were in the 2 minute range, giving each individual piece a ballad-like feel, but of course, there's the catch. Each song is an important part to the entire story of the album. So to really understand the truth behind the words, definitely give this a run through from top to bottom...

Life’s a Luxury starts off with Nate addressing the girl of his dreams and battling the demons within her. The opening song entitled “Damaged” created enough headspace to understand the artistic direction of the album, but still leaves you intrigued enough to see how the body of the project will pan out. Needless to say, the second track “Forever Ties” was a cohesive blend that continued the momentum of the album, and was a necessary transition into the depths of the project.

As you continue through the track list, the vibes get deeper and deeper by the minute. It quickly transforms from Nate understanding his woman's scarred soul, to confronting her about letting her broken past consume her. What makes Life’s a Luxury so intricate is that it immediately connects to an integral part of life we have all experienced. “Talk to Me” was the perfect example of a man accepting his woman for who she is, but not tolerating the side of her that attacks and diminishes the true love he has for her.

After riding through a great deal of heartache, it isn’t until you reach the middle of the project that we see a more upbeat side of Nate. Even then there are still remnants of turmoil within the lyrics as the struggle continues in the fight for peace and normality. In a track called “Life of the Party!” the tension flips from therapeutic hymns to a protective oath, and now Nate is the one with one hand on his heart and the other on his pistol.

Now what’s really interesting is what happens next. The journey to mend a broken soul has come to a complete standstill. When someone is fed up, it doesn’t take too long before anger in the mind becomes regret in the heart. “Reasons” touches on that emotion when, even though all the issues were clear and there was no good to come of it, the only choice you had was the hardest to make. This song encompasses that exact moment when you close the door, shut the blinds, and lay in your bed staring at the ceiling.

So while the album ends with a track called Gemini, I like to consider that a bonus for the true lovers at heart. Simply put, it's a nice way to end the story, and you have to respect that. However, the second to last joint entitled “After Party” was definitely our version of a perfect ending. Not only did Nate begin the album accepting his woman wholeheartedly, went through the motion of truly understanding her perspectives, reach his boiling point, go through the heartache of 'it wasn’t meant to be', but when he goes back into the world, he meets the only thing he needs just for the moment. AND THATS REAL.

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed blasting Life’s a Luxury through the speakers and giving our take on what NateTaylorr’s story meant. However, we highly recommend you listen for yourself and be the judge if we were right or not. #JERSEY

Life's a Luxury by NateTaylorr