Maj-Britt Kreft

Maj-Britt Kreft is a designer and clothing company based out of Düsseldorf, Germany. Created throughout Maj’s studies in Fashion Design, MBK carries the contextual finesse of an elite menswear brand. We had the opportunity to capture MBK in the beautiful land of Vancouver, BC and officially connect a European powerhouse to one of our favorite cities.

Maj-Britt Kreft’s latest collection “Wanderlust” was inspired by a need to create ones destiny. It displays the internal battle of gaining control and pushing passed the fears of day-to-day living. Her desire to create a world of her own is a reflection of the design aesthetic, and allows Maj to push the boundaries as far as possible.

MBK brings about an incredible sense of dark fantasy. Her entire collection is layered with a vast attention to textural detail. Having showed at VFW this past season, it was dope to finally see MBK within its natural street-style habitat. Models Rory Nolan and Muhumuza Mushega rocked the brand with perfect poise, and delivered a classic cut of urban divinity.

There is excellence within the threads of Maj-Britt Kreft. It is a passionate blend of wearability and European design. The fact is that MBK travels the faded line between high fashion and street couture. And without a doubt, the Wanderlust collection is a pure taste of what the creative culture is truly about.


Jason Siu


Maj-Britt Kreft


Rory Nolan

Muhumuza Mushega