New York Fashion Week

Designer: Ay Lelum

To venture around New York City during one of the biggest events in the world is always an incredible experience. New York Fashion Week will forever be a monumental milestone for anyone who professes in the art and culture of Design. As official Media Partners with the Global Fashion Collective, we were honored to embark on our 4th Season of NYFW which featured an exclusive show for 4 incredible designers.

For the first day, our FAM Favorite Designer goes to a brand that creates non-ceremonial pieces that represent their Snuneymuxw Heritage. Ay Lelum is owned by two sisters who are a part of the Coast Salish people, who are an indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest.

Getting their start in Nanaimo, BC the conceptuality behind the Ay Lelum brand extends from traditional Salish artwork and creates a unique aesthetic through masterful design. The purpose behind Ay Lelum is to help others accept their diverse histories while also embracing their differences. Every time Ay Lelum hits the runway, an amazing display of craft and vibrance captures the audience wholeheartedly. Without a doubt, the Canadian brand made some waves in NYC with a very eclectic collection.

Magic happens when great ideas cultivate with the core values of the artist. Ay Lelum operates in an abundance mindset that manifests itself in fashionable ways. The essence of the brand is true to its form and pushes authenticity and character to the forefront of today's creative culture. The Modern Renaissance is definitely amongst us...