FAM Review: The Parimore EP

For those who have been keeping up with the Baltimore emcees Guy Grams, Ill Conscious, and Dirt Platoon then you already know the aesthetic they bring to the culture. For those who don’t, welcome to the world of true lyricism and an intense respect for the artistic process.

The Parimore EP is an extension of Baltimore’s finest alongside an intuitive group of Parisian beat makers. This 6-track project is some of the best collaborative work the underground has seen in a minute. Opening up with Raf Almighty of Dirt Platoon, “Ring the Alarm” features the entire crew dropping bars and sets the tone for what develops into a solid body of work.

Guy Grams, Dirt Platoon, Ill Conscious

What makes the Parimore EP so authentic is more than just dope beats and seasoned lyricism. The track placement that created the vibe of the album played an important role to the listening ear. Each emcee had the opportunity to black out and showcase their skills individually, but the collective consciousness was felt throughout the entire piece. Rapper Ill Conscious was the first to connect on a solo joint entitled “Heavyweight Rhyme Writers”, and never ceases to amaze with brilliant technique and word structure.

Snook da Crook and Raf Almighy of Dirt Platoon carried the essence on “Hand to the Man” touching on that real hood shit hiphop was born from. From pianos and boombap, to scratches and samples, “Hand to the Man” spoke volumes in pure rap form. The big homie Guy Grams came through with the head nod on his solo track as well entitled, “Cream Interior”. Instead of touching the streets, Grams delivered speech with an almighty bravado and schooled emcees on how to break necks on site.

“Emcee extraordinaire, doing more than my share. Just another day of work.. another day on earth- I want checks. My sun rises while yours sets. Blast decks off cassettes for calling in false threats- off necks. Whether you’re careless or cautious. We leaving em all pressed, all praised to the all fresh. For the French bread, squeezing his head in the hard-press. Ill kill’em til god says aint nothing but us left, God Bless.” -Guy Grams

Now what we consider to be the best track of the album comes from track 5 entitled “Fresh Bread”. The beat is a masterpiece of its own, giving way to a grand display of instrumentation. Even more so, “Fresh Bread” was the second wind of the whole crew spitting flames as a collective. The true diversity between Guy Grams, Dirt Platoon, and Ill Conscious is so distinct that it’s hard to give an answer to the common question “Who Was the Nicest?”. Each artist brandishes a different style, and by no means was anyone on the album the weak link.

All in all, the Parimore EP attacked from every angle needed for a successful release. Big ups to the Baltimore emcees and Parisian producers that made this all possible. We are looking forward to everything that’s next to come.

Production Credits

Jmi Sissoko / Street Wyze / DJ Low Cut / DJ Brans / Mika Dough