Pistols and Peace

In a world full of unrest and inequality, we all share a common purpose moving forward. Here in Seattle, the first phase of our refusal to this unjust system started Downtown where Police-Protester tensions were meaningfully extreme, and ended with weeks of aggression by police towards peaceful protests at the East Precinct on Capitol Hill. This is where the infamous Cal Anderson Park became CHAZ aka CHOP, and marked a moment in time for the city of Seattle.

In the heart of CHAZ we put together a touching shoot featuring LA brand PistolsnPalmtrees and the radiant essence of model Jessica Maganda, to bring you both inspired creativity and a glimpse into the fields of CHAZ. Ironically enough, the two pieces are called "Keep The Peace" and "Life's A Gamble".

Justice in America is defined by whether or not our police and officials can find a way to hide behind unjust laws. Justice in America is based around excuses for crimes, swaying public opinion, and discrediting credible sources. Those who have sworn to protect their community will hide behind a veil of government protection every time they step out of moral conduct, while their higher up's proclaim that morality and law can never share the same plane. The message: Your life is not as important as their right to kill, as long as they can find a way to kill you under the law. You no longer have a right to a trial to be proven guilty because police have the right to sentence you to death before you get a chance at due process.

Black and Brown people are some of the kindest, most generous and loving people on this earth. We have been forced into tough times for millenniums and have evolved to understand the disparity between fair and unfair. White mass shooters get taken to jail ALIVE while black kids eating skittles are gunned down by grown men and get no justice at all. White convicted pedophiles get to roam the streets while serving out their 9 months sentence, while black women are gunned down while sleeping in the comfort of their homes. Where does the law end and morality begin? But an even better question, when do we stop waiting for justice and become justice ourselves?

Now that the verdict of Breonna Taylor has officially crippled our community, it is important that we understand we are asking devils for charity. When laws are greater than life, the system is broken. When a badge is greater than accountability, it permits lowly souls to act out their lowly deeds without punishment. Knees to the neck, choke holds, shot in front of our kids, shot in front of our people, shot while sleeping, shot while jogging- the list goes on and on. We live in the greatest time in history with technological advancements that should be bringing us closer, yet, we feel so distant from the world. However the irony is, that these tragedies have actually brought us closer to each other.

As we sit and evaluate what America continues to do right in front of our eyes, we must calculate or next moves accordingly. Too often we are drawn into the "short battles" but never prepare ourselves for the long battles that lead to victories. We can no longer act on impulse or emotion. We must be articulate in our predisposition for unfair treatment, and comprehend the fact that we are up against the worlds largest superpower. If they aren't bombing brown people in other countries, they are shooting them down on their own soil. We can no longer stand for this treatment, and its time we move accordingly...


Jessica Maganda