Ricky Magma

Say what you will about Japanese Streetwear, but when in comes to creating that true urban aesthetic, there's few that do it better than them. From the land of the rising sun, model Ricky Magma represents the culture to a tee. And with brands like DOPE Japan and Dolly Noire in his catalog, there's no denying his creative reach.

Ricky Magma was born and raised around Japanese culture his entire life. Even with Japanese as his first language, he has always been a huge minority in his community. Ricky represents the idea that creative outlets have always been the key to bringing diversity under one roof. And without a doubt, he takes pride in his craft by knowing that there are others who may struggle with the same insight, but that he can make the footprints in the sand for them to follow.

"I hope to give people of color courage. I want them to understand that there's value to who they are, and to never forget that."

Ricky's choice of clothing is a mixture of classic style with a touch of luxury. The majority of his pieces are fitted nicely to his form, and completely complement his body tone. There is an apparent love for being in front of the lens, as there is a direct connection between his inviting posture and a great photo. Ricky's traditional approach blends well with the contemporary art of modeling, and works even better drenched in an array of dope gear.

"The calmness within nature is my biggest inspiration. I always try to mimic that feeling and be as natural as I can when I'm being Photographed."

When all is said and done, only the real will prosper in the culture we live in. Authenticity is recognized by the true purveyors of the industry, and Ricky Magma is received as one of the fire starters. To be able to connect, inspire, and evolve is the task for every great artists. And truth be told, the homie Ricky has tackled the concept with flying colors. From Japan to the US... SALUTE.

Ricky Magma