Stuntin' on em with Romeo Riches

Textiles with a conceptual approach will always be the bare essentials of style. However, it is up to creative minds to not only intrigue the connoisseurs of fashion, but also inspire those who simply crave a fresh look.

Romeo Riches possesses a seasoned poise as he commands power and comfort in front of the lens. His unique sense of style and posture draws viewers to each piece individually, but also allows us to respect the entire look collectively. Based out of Toronto, Romeo portrays the diversity his city is known for, and stands firm amongst the immense amount of talent that stems from the East Coast

Riches is suited in an array of seasonal pieces designed by contemporary brands JK Attire, Oak+Fort, and BoohooMAN. Tied together by an elite shoe game, it was amazing going through photos and realizing that no look fell short of perfection and was wrapped in a bow of modest accessorizing. With balanced tones across the board, Romeo Riches presents an elite fashion experience that one could consider daring at times, but truth be told, his drip is damn near flawless.

To connect, inspire, and develop culture is the goal of any fashion forward individual. There is a thin line between style and aesthetic, but when you come across those who effortlessly express both, there is always a level of respect you have to give.

Romeo Riche$