Sheila the Swag Dealer

Divine concepts radiate from brilliance, as do rays from the burning sun. We are nothing more but reflections in the depths of darkness, ceasing every opportunity to shine from our inner uniqueness. Through the art of design, Sheila Rashid creates the cure for low vibrational style in order for you to manifest the true representation of your highest self.

Growing up on the Southside of Chicago, the color palette Sheila utilized for this collection represents the trains she used to ride as a kid. Like a morning commute on the Red Line, Style is a major part of the individual journey we embark on every day. Sheila Rashid's approach to this collection has connected the simplicity of her childhood memories with vivid conceptuality, and through fabric alone, has created a microcosm of her reality for the world to wear and embrace.

When we cherish the threads that breathe meaning into our lives, we must celebrate them to the world and beyond. The eclectic mind that Sheila Rashid possesses enhances our quietest impressions. You've never really lived until you've mastered self actualization, and without a doubt, Sheila gets you one step closer to the truth...


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