FAM Review : Park Avenue by Sule

The thing is... If you can't rock with the purest levels of the culture, then prepare to be disregarded in the conversation of Hiphop. Period. The elite kings of the art form are dedicated to perfecting their words in order to make you listen closely, no matter how hard the beat knocks.

Park Avenue by Sule is a combination of bass heavy production and an unfuckwitable wordsmith. The incredible depth of the 7-track project was by far the greatest piece of the experience. The EP was layered with metaphor and punchline, and aside from the nostalgia factor, Sule spoke nothing but truth into the airwaves.

As far as I'm concerned, Sule brought the production dream team with him as well. With beat credits from NJ's own The Innovataz and All Ceven, and visual media captured by the big homie Mastermind Richy it was inevitable that Park Avenue would be well-rounded and certified. These brilliant visionaries brought Sule's direction to life and were a match made in heaven for the dope lyricist.

For three days straight I tried to figure out what Sule meant when he said "I'm never taking shorts like a trip to the North Pole". That is the magic behind this EP. Like a movie you never get tired of watching, or a food you can eat for months- Park Avenue shares similar wow factors to a project like Illmatic, simply because every song contains an impactful and creative essence that builds on itself listen after listen.

The era of teeny-bop vibe music is making its way out the door, and the true aesthetic of our generation is stepping in.

There is just no sustainability for a meaningless head bop. Never has been and never will be. Sule is pulling Excalibur out of Hiphop's heart and manifesting his destiny behind the words of his truths. Every so often you come across an underground project that defines the true quality of our culture, and without a doubt, Park Avenue is Merriam-Webster compressed into a 17 minute piece of rap mastery.

FAM Rating : 9/10