Exclusive Interview with Ak Murda

Over the weekend we had the opportunity to catch up with the Drip God of NYC Ak Murda (right) and his main man and rap aficionado Don Junio (left) for an exclusive photoshoot at Tompkins Square Park. After the shoot we got the chance to chop it up with Ak, as he has been releasing a series of IG posts called the "Daily Inspirational Drip Guide" where every morning he styles himself in the most exclusive gear and drops words of knowledge for the people. While there is only so much you can obtain from 1 minute clips via instagram, we thought it would be a dope experience to dive deeper into his intellect and find out more about the swaggiest artist in New York.

What advice can you give about the power of self-expression and truly being yourself?

The best advice I can give about self expression and truly being yourself is to listen to your 'Gut Feeling' as that’s the God within in speaking from your soul! Always remember to live life without fear and never worry about what others say or think of you. We all are shining stars, and sometimes people can't stand how bright you truly are.

what motivates you to combine style and positive affirmations for the people?

Without a doubt my main motivation to do all things positive is for our children, our future, and bringing people together as a whole for the peace of humanity. Style is an extension of self that everyone can express, so once we understand one another, positivity will automatically manifest itself.

You always end your inspirational videos with “I am you. You are me. We are one”. When in your life did you realize it was important to operate at such a high vibration?

A couple years ago I had an awakening when I lost some very special people in my life. Ever since then it was important that I learned to operate at a higher vibration and taught myself how to stop passing judgement on others. I came to the conclusion that we all come from the same source no matter what religion, creed, or color and we all mirror one another. Once I came to this realization, the slogan 'I am you, you are me, we are one' just fit perfectly into my new appreciation for life.

If you could speak to the 16 year old version of yourself about the world, what advice would you have to offer?

I would tell him that the world is yours. Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see, and that hate is actually a form of love. It's always best to never listen to doubt from others, because in reality, that's just how they perceive life. Now it's up to you to perceive life the way YOU feel is best for you...

You and the homie Don Junio come together to form the rap duo known as The Equalizarz. Tell us more about the overall mission and message of your music.

The overall mission of the Equalizarz is to bring fun, originality, style, AND lyrical skills back into the art form of Hiphop. We want people to understand that it’s cool to be yourself and encourage everyone to remember the old saying: 'You can do anything you put your mind too'.

And lastly my g, Give us one album that you think every person should listen to, and one article of clothing everyone should have in the closet.

The one album I think everyone should listen to, multiple times in their life, is that new self titled album coming from the Equalizarz sooner than later! [laughs] And the one article of clothing everyone should have in their closet is a fresh Jean Jacket. You can literally pair it with ANYTHING.

Definitely catch Ak Murda and his Daily Inspirational Drip Guides on his Instagram! and Stay tuned for the debut album from The Equalizarz... SOONER THAN LATER! Catch ya'll soon.


Shot By Shomari