Unicorn & UNIIQU3

The King & Queen of Jersey Club

New Jersey is home to a multitude of brilliant minds who embrace a wide array of cultures, and have learned how to create new experiences for everyone to rock with. Aside from sharing the Hudson River with New York City, Jersey is truly one of the most beautifully diverse and art-filled places in the entire world.

Representing Brick City aka Newark, NJ Killa Kherk Cobain aka "Unicorn" and the ever-so-fabulous UNIIQU3 have dedicated their lives to a little something called Jersey Club Music. What started as an under-the-underground hood version of House music (where literally ANYTHING can be sampled at the right BPM and with a heavy bass loop), has evolved into a sexier and more matured version of the dark basement parties it used to be. While the old school sets used to be jumpin’ jumpin’ in the hood, the immense growth that Jersey Club has undergone in almost two decades is a phenomenon of its own.

Killa Kherk and UNIIQU3 are regarded as two of the most innovative creatives within the Jersey Club scene, and have innovated the genre time and time again. UNIIQU3 is known as a luminary and pioneer from her production talents, while Kherk reigns as one of the OG’s of unforgettable verses and unmatchable swag. While both are dope musicians in their own rite, they complete the circuit by always presenting themselves as great business people within the art form as well.

The two most recently came together for UNIIQU3’s latest mixtape entitled “B*tches is Outside Vol 1” where Kherk blessed a track called “Stand Back (Reloaded)”. It was dope to get them together again for a shoot where Mr. Killa Kherk Cobain can pull out his Old School “Bumble Bee” and stunt hard with UNIIQU3 on some NYC streets.