Quis Chandla

Rap Genius with a Doctorate

New Jersey is home to a multitude of brilliant minds who embrace a wide array of cultures, and have learned how to create new experiences for everyone to rock with. Aside from sharing the Hudson River with New York City, Jersey is truly one of the most beautifully diverse and art-filled places in the entire world.

Representing Jersey City, NJ rapper Quis Chandla has become an inspiration for both sides of the hood. Quis consistently drops bars for the head nod, has conquered his scholastic journey by acquiring a Doctorate Degree, and teaches classes every semester at LIU. He is a pure example of what all of our momma's wanted us to be: A true king amongst kings. We had a good time putting Quis in front of our lens out in NYC, and captured a bunch of dope shots for the catalog.

After releasing his sophomore album entitled "Coffee and Chemtrails", Quis gained a lot of momentum as a rapper. Besides being a creative lyricist, his authenticity reigns supreme when you start to comprehend the visions he relays through words. Quis embraces the art in it's purest form, and uses it to both speak to the streets and convey a message to our people.

As the culture returns back to the era of rhyme writers, Quis Chandla is an essential part of where Hiphop is ultimately heading. People are starting to break out of their beat-induced trances, and are now paying attention to the scientists behind the words.We are all looking for depth in Hiphop, and Quis puts forth an energy that uplifts and inspires, but will definitely hit you with a heavy rap curriculum as well. Best believe, Dr. Quis Chandla is probably the only rapper in Jersey City that can school you TWICE.

It's a blessing to know that an artist like Quis Chandla even exists. To be making incredible music while contributing to a credible cause, is an experience worth its weight in gold. They're letting the teachers rap better than the students these days! But I guess when you really think about it, that's pretty much how it's always been.

Now in 2021, Quis has released the second installment of his "The Soul Needs Healing" series, which features some of his best music yet. If there ever was a time to show love to all of the dope musicians in our circles, it's right now. So definitely tap in with the homie Quis Chandla.